Shadow Men

If you wish to think of this story as fictional go ahead. IF anyone has had a similar experience please comment and let me know.

It all started early morning, When I saw people in the woods next to my house. You never could see their faces. They were just dark shadowy figures surrounding our house. Me and my dad went out to go grocery shopping.

It was just us that day, my older sister was staying with friends and my newborn brother was with my mom. The shadows scared my dad too. He though it was just a prank from our neighbors down the street.

They loved to get a good scare in. So we left to go shopping. When we returned, things got series. It wasn't a laugh anymore. I was scared for my life.

We walked down to our neighbors to ask and they had no absolute clue, they wanted to call the cops but we decided not to get officials involved. It was probably stupid teenagers playing a prank.

When we returned to our house, the figures were now easier to see and hanging in trees and standing on the fence gating my house. Some were bloody and bruised and others we still shadowy. When we walked in the house we saw shadows all over the walls.

At this point I didn't know what to do with my self. My dad was nervous too. The worst shadow in the house was a tall man that had a hook for his left hand and a chain saw for the other. He had a super long crooked nose. I buried my head under the covers and closed my eyes tight. 

When I woke up it was in the middle of the night. My dad was awake and outside asking the creatures what they wanted, he was begging them to leave. The figures just looked at him and laughed. I was scared for my dad.

It seemed like he was going mad. My dad ran in the house. He said they were under the house making loud noises to frighten us. These creatures were no cup of tee to look at, they seemed to be trying to scare us out of the house. We locked the doors and stayed in a lighted room in the back of the house.

They continued to bang on windows, doors and try any possible way to scare us until we passed out from being awake for so long. The next morning we went to pick up my sister. The figures were gone. Nowhere in sight. We told my sister what happened but she didn't believe us.

My sister has had experience with these things so she refused to believe it. Once my dad shown her pictures, she refused to go home. She still hasn't stayed there in while. Every now in then when I'm sitting out side a hear crackles in the woods. 

That is why me and my sister are now afraid of everyday shadows. If you chose to not believe this I don't blame you, If I wouldn't have happened to me I wouldn't have believed it either.

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