Something is Following Me

Something is Following Me

The house I grew up in is on the older side and being thus, I've experienced what I believe to be a fair share of odd occurrences - most in my family have. My mother maintains that nothing odd occurred, however, until about five months after I was born.

And then, from nowhere, the door to my nursery began to persistently open and close on its own. But that's not the story that sticks most with me. The stories I can't quite shake off or explain away are the ones I have on audio.

The ones that feature someone or something very loud and very angry. Those recordings began to shed a bit of light on something I believe has been, for lack of better expression, following me my whole life.

Being a little older & wiser, I know now that EVP recording is just asking for trouble. Unfortunately, I wasn't privy to that understanding when I was younger. And even if I had been, it didn't really start out with me looking for anything.

The first instance of anything odd on audio began when I was seven years old.

A bit of background: I was the middle of three girls. Us along with my mother & father meant that my father was the only male in our household. Both parents worked from home - my father would go out on trips that lasted a few hours to bid work (he's freelance and in a field that is architecture-adjacent) but aside from those, both parents were consistently home with us girls.

One day, a weekend presumably because we were all home (or should have been), when I was about six-years-old, I was in my bedroom with my younger sister (who would have been about four), and I was recording myself performing a 'radio show' - i.e. jabbering on (as I am still like to do) and not allowing my younger sister to say anything - just provide applause in the background.

After I was done, I rewound the tape and began to listen to it before going to play it for my parents. Mid-session, however, I heard a sound.

It was a long, drawn-out sigh in a deep register. It sounded as though a man were standing in the background and were very annoyed with the talking and were expressing his frustration with it. I stopped the tape and stomped through the house to my mother demanding to know where my father was because he had ruined my show.

My mother informed me, then, that my father had been gone for about two hours - he was out bidding work, and wouldn't return until dinner-time.

I played the tape for her, she played it for my father, she played it for my grandparents when they were over about two weeks later (the house had been my maternal grandmother's when she was growing up). She thought it was strange but, ultimately, kind of intriguing.

We did not record again, however, until I was in college. My older sister and my mother became very interested in EVPs and one day, my mother bought a little tape recorder and asked me to sit with her while she recorded.

I was home, babysitting my older sister's son, who was less than a year at the time - still not speaking. So, we sit there and she talks and I was just sitting on my bed leafing through a magazine, surrounded by all four of our dogs. After a whole lot of nothing, she decides to get up and go check on the baby.

She, at the time, was trying to get him to talk. So she would say things in a long, drawn-out way, trying to get him to mimic it.

So, my mother gets up and walks down the hall and into the room where my nephew was hanging out in his crib - not trying as hard to nap as I would have liked. On the tape, you hear her leave and me say to one of the dogs, "Lex, leave him [one of the other dogs] alone."

Then, you hear me sigh and immediately after, you hear this deep, raspy inhale - like something is sucking all the air out of the room. I make no comment on it, but you can hear me flipping through the magazine - I hadn't noticed anything.

From down the hall, you hear my mother talking to my nephew, trying to get him to say 'I love you.' So, she's saying that very slowly: "Iiiiii......looooove....youuuuu." On the tape, you hear this very odd, hissing laugh and suddenly, you hear a very, very deep man's voice say, very loudly and clearly: "I love you A[...] [my name]."

The tone of it is incredibly sarcastic, mocking. Then, you simply hear my mother walk back down the hall and she and I resume our conversation. Nothing happens the rest of the tape.

A few weeks later, my mother burst into my room swearing she had seen someone walk out of my room, down the hall, into the living room. Someone big and very shadowy. So, she pulled me into the living room and began recording again.

On the tape, you hear my father come into the room and he and my mother start talking. In the background, you hear me say - maybe three or four times - 'It's cold in here.' 'I'm so cold.' 'It's so cold in here!' And then, suddenly, in the same deep, raspy, male register as before say 'A[...] [my name], are you cold?'

I went back to school the next fall, and my older sister and mother were recording one night with my grandmother also in the room. They called me after to tell me that they had not been having 'any luck' getting anything on tape.

So, my older sister, on tape, says 'Let's mention A[...], it always pipes up when we mention her.' So, my mother says 'Hey, A[...] is coming home from school for break soon - what do you think of that?' and in response, the raspy male voice says, 'That b****.'

There have been other instances - some on audio, some off.

About a year ago, a good friend called me and informed me that her Grandmother (whom I have never met, and who apparently claims to have a kind of second sight) and she were visiting and her Grandmother said, 'Do you have a friend named A[...]?" My friend said she does, and her Grandmother told her to tell me that there is a man who stays very close to me and he is 'very mad at the people who were supposed to protect me as a child and who didn't do that,' but her Grandmother also said that him trying to protect me or being mad on my behalf was a scam - that is this thing's way of getting close to me.

Her grandmother said, 'Tell her that just because he says he cares doesn't mean he won't hurt her.'

Things have gotten bad enough lately that I bought and wear around my neck a Saint Benedict Jubilee medal. I'm not Catholic, [both my parents were raised Catholic however] I don't believe in organized religion, but I had to do something that made me feel...safer.

And as a final piece of intrigue, I am typing this at the end of a work day [very very long, slow, boring, nothing work day] and someone buzzed the front door so I let them in - it was this guy who then came up to my desk and began telling me that I need to be careful, that if I make it to July, I'll be fine. (??) Some sort of Palm Reader, I gather - wanting money, inevitably. The timing is what makes that weird.

From the time I was born, things have moved. Doors have opened and shut on their own, people (family members, neighbors, friends) have seen things in my house, in my dorm rooms, in my apartments - wherever I have lived.

I have one small figurine I keep next to my bed that consistently turns its back to me when I am not looking. I have the audio tapes, I have photos. I even once had a paranormal investigative team ask me to come into my home and search for any explanations. I cannot explain this away very readily.

And whatever this is, I gather that it follows me. From my parents' house to college to the west coast back to where I am now. It's never left - and I don't know what it is or what it wants.

I'm beginning to wonder if it is a ghost or if it is something else...

Anonymous submission.

Edit: I have reached out to this individual to gather further information...

I had asked:

Hello, Sean Foster here from I'm reaching out to you because you had recently submitted a very intriguing experience to the site. You mentioned you have many recordings on tape. Would you happen to have any of the audio recordings you could send via E-mail? I'd love to give them a listen. 

It definitely does sound like something/one is attached to you and with the increase of activity currently going on, that can be worrisome. Did the paranormal team actually come in and do an investigation?

Prior to your birth, had anyone in your immediate family used an Ouija Board? Just trying to learn all I can about the situation to better judge my thoughts on what's going on.

All the best to you, Sean.

The Submitter replied with:

Hi Sean -  I have one audio I can email you right now - it's attached here. My mother recorded these on cassette tapes and I'm not sure how to digitize them. So, I simply played the recording on a cassette player and recorded it via an app on my phone - the quality isn't the best.

I don't want to inform what you hear by telling you what I hear, but unfortunately I already wrote about it in that story so that ship may have sailed! I will just say in this one, you will hear my mother leave the room followed by one of our dogs (hence the clicking).

You'll hear a baby cooing in the background followed by her speaking to it (the slowly said 'I love you, good job!') and you'll hear me say 'redacted, come on, leave redacted alone,' followed by a quick sigh.

The rest of the noise on the tape is unaccounted for.  A paranormal team came in twice to investigate, yes. They recorded and video taped, they interviewed us - I never heard if they found anything or not.

They visited twice so I assumed it was compelling enough, but never got any follow-up. They primarily spoke with my older sister, however, but I don't believe she ever got any concrete news of what they did or did not find, either.

Prior to my birth, my whole family used a Ouija board, haha. My mother and sisters and maternal grandmother have all always been very interested in the paranormal. And, unfortunately, until after I left college, we were all fairly uneducated about what we should not dabble in.

Ouija boards, tarot cards, tea leaves, et cetera. It was all done both before my birth and throughout my childhood. 

Despite the fact that my mother has always been interested in and dabbled in INCREDIBLY amateur paranormal investigation (of sorts), she and my father and older sister both maintain that nothing ever happened before my birth.

My parents moved into the house four years prior to my being born, meaning my older sister was already two and they never noted an odd occurrences.  The first was when I was 5 months old and was sick with a fever - nothing serious.

My mother had my grandparents over for a game night. My nursery had very very thick honey-colored carpeting making the door harder to open and close as it scraped through the carpet to do so.

They closed the door to keep out the noise of their games but kept the monitor on. Per all family members, every time they went down the hall to use the bathroom or go to the kitchen they would note that my door was open, somehow. 

Years later, my father and maternal grandmother would both confess seeing someone in the hall - a shadow, they said. But the details were lost because neither shared this until years later when my mother was remembering it and my father told her and she told my grandmother who said she had seen the same thing and not said anything before.

My mother also says that after her parents went home and my father had gone to bed, she had gone to bathe and was interrupted by someone trying to get into the bathroom fairly eagerly. When she opened the door, however, my sister was asleep and my father was in bed watching TV.

Their room is directly across from the bathroom and he had seen nothing.  That was the first night they noted anything odd.

That was probably more background than you wanted! Feel free to ask anything - I would like to figure out if this whatever it is, is real and not just a figment of my imagination coupled with years of hearing these stories and if it is real, I would like to know if it is a 'ghost' or what have you, or if it's something else.

In response, I had replied with:

If you're interested in digitizing the cassette tapes sometime, this link could prove helpful:

That's an interesting EVP you got there. I hear what you hear but am unsure if that's because I know what to listen for or not.

To protect privacy, I didn't include the audio file here.

That's actually quite baffling that the investigation team didn't present any evidence or follow up with your sister. Did they charge for the investigation? Is it far too late to try and contact them again for answers?

Considering that your whole family used a Ouija Board throws up a red flag for me. Often times, people bring out the board with the intentions of harmless, good fun.

When in reality, as crazy as it sounds, they've been thought to open two way portals allowing all sorts of bad entities through (demons) in particular comes to mind, ZoZo.

ZoZo is thought to be brought through Ouija Board sessions. This demon or evil of sorts is said to be a bad omen bringing life altering occurrences or even death to some of those it attaches to.

I'm not saying that's what's haunting you, but it is a very minute possibility.

There are a few submissions to Ghostsstory regarding ZoZo which you can read through if you'd like:


and a scary experience with a Ouija Board in general:

It's especially thought of that when an evil entity attaches itself to someone, activity starts off very minor, much like you've described; As trust is gained (over days, months, years) that activity begins to increase as the demon has become accustomed to your mental state and can figure out how to manipulate you to its liking. 

What sorts of activity are you experiencing now?

Have you had your home blessed?


The submitter replied with:

Thank you for the link - that will be very helpful because the audio is simply too distorted when trying to record off a cassette to an app to be useful.

At least you hear what I do - but you're right, I don't know if what I hear is accurate and so if I relay the story I am inherently corrupting the listener so who knows what is there? All I can tell you is my Mother and I heard the same thing upon playing the tape initially. 

If the investigation team did follow up, I was never appraised of it. I'll check in with my sister to make absolutely sure she never received a response. No, they never charged us for the investigation.

If she doesn't have any information or cannot find any that she received and forgot about, then I will contact them. This was a couple years back, so perhaps it isn't entirely too late.

For some reason, I was never too concerned about what they found because somehow I believe whatever it would be wouldn't be the whole story.

That only comes if you're with me all the time because it isn't the house and it isn't something you can walk into for a couple hours and get proof, you know? But maybe they found something useful!

That is interesting, about ZoZo and Ouija Board sessions. Far as I know, my whole family has used the Boards but no one has ever had an odd experience. Almost always when an answer to a question has been received, it has been revealed to be a joke on the part of someone else participating.

For instance, as kids for a while my younger sister and I believed we were making contact with a spirit named 'Cassandra' but after a few weeks, my older sister admitted that she had been trying to scare us.

The activity being experienced now is less conclusive but more disturbing to me. Of the odder, more blatant, evidence is of the pet variety.

I have three cats and for about two weeks now, perhaps longer, every night, my one cat - Cobain, my only male cat, has been staring up at the walls and ceiling, meowing in a very incessant fashion, and in one instance, getting up on his hind legs in the center of the room, and pawing at the air.

For a while, my boyfriend and I passed it off as bugs we weren't seeing - but it's been happening every night for weeks. And he doesn't do this in the daytime - only at night when we have most of the lights in our apartment off. My parents also have three cats and for the past week, their cats have apparently been doing the same thing.

The most disturbing to me, however, are the dreams. I apologize because these will make an already long email even longer, but hopefully they are interesting reading. Beginning a few weeks ago, I began having nightmares. Odd nightmares - nightmares that stick with me. I'll relay them here.

The first dream was of me and my boyfriend standing in my parents' living room. It was decorated for Halloween, and we were facing the hall. We looked down and saw the traditional spectre of death - only without the sickle. And it was floating - the hem of his cloak a kind of gray haze.

And it was facing us, but floating slowly back down the hall, into the kitchen, out the back door. I told my boyfriend I was going to go see what was happening and he responded, 'I wouldn't do that.' I ignored him and walked into my parents' kitchen and walked to the backdoor.

It was pitch black outside so I pressed my face to the one little square glass window. Suddenly, a sweeping light flashed and I could see the spectre pressed to the other side of the door, looking in at me. It lifted it's hand and pressed a finger to the glass and I heard a voice say to me, 'You are death.' And then I woke up.

The next dream, to save time, I dreamt I had been accused of a murder I knew I hadn't committed. I was in what appeared to be a high school cafeteria and I was screaming at a group of people to confess - to tell everyone what they had done.

They wouldn't - no one said a word to me - so I began raining down these curses on them. I don't remember most of what I said but the last thing I said before I woke up was: "And when each of you dies, I will make sure you die terrified."

The next dream, I dreamt I was in the bathroom of a girl I had known growing up - her family's bathroom. I had gotten the wall covered in smears of green nailpolish and so I left quickly and passed her father in the hall. As we passed by each other, he said to me, 'You're grounded.' And I rolled my eyes and mumbled 'Yeah' and kept walking.

Suddenly, I was in a high school auditorium, standing behind a girl who was in a cheerleader uniform - blue and white and gold/yellow - with shoulder length blonde hair.

And there was a projector going - some SAT review or something - and I realized two things: The whole set-up looked very 90's and she was the only one who could see or hear me.

I kept urging her to move forward and pay attention and she kept telling me to be quiet. Suddenly, she was on the projector and there was an announcer saying something about how her friend and her friend's family would be murdered a few weeks later.

And I knew she would either be dead or be the one who had done it. Suddenly, I was walking back into the bathroom where the dream began. I walked in and asked a guy (I didn't recognize), 'Where is it?' He said, "In the shower." I asked, "What does it sound like?" and he said, "It sounds like a little girl laughing. But it isn't."

I suddenly knew it was a demon. And I knew we had to shrink it down to destroy it. So a group of us joined hands in a circle and began chanting, "Smaller, Molly. Smaller, Molly. Smaller, Molly." And the demon shrank and shrank and then I woke up.

I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting but I will skip ahead to the most recent and disturbing:

About two weeks ago, I was napping while my boyfriend was at work. And I had a dream I was watching myself sleep. It was my exact room, my pajamas, nothing out of the ordinary.

I was watching myself sleep peacefully - except there was a big shadowy man crouched next to the bed. And he was whispering in my ear. Every now and then, he would rear back and let out a hissing laugh and then go back to whispering.

When I woke up from that dream, my computer turned on by itself and the coffee maker started brewing even though there was no water in it.

After that, I bought a St. Benedict Jubilee medal to wear around my neck. Didn't help. A week later, I was napping and my boyfriend was beside me, reading. I had a dream that the same shadowy man was crawling up the end of my bed and grabbing my ankle, trying to bite it.

My boyfriend had to wake me up twice -  I was apparently thrashing violently, clawing to get away from the end of the bed.

And two nights ago, I had three nightmares in the row. The first was about a man who had apparently been telling everyone I had dated him and screwed him over and I didn't know him. So I called the company he worked for, and they told me he had killed himself the night before.

I woke up and fell right back to sleep, and dreamt I was in a bunk bed with someone I didn't know, and I knew in my bones that something was coming for us - coming to kill us. And I knew it was female, somehow, which is different than my usual dreams.

I suddenly got very tired and I tried to physically hold open my eyes to see her when she arrived but I couldn't. So I lay down on the bed and told the person I was with to take the money from my purse and drive far far away.

Suddenly I was alone and I heard someone climbing the metal rungs of the bunk bed, and then I felt teeth close around my forearm.

I pulled it into the bed with me and, still blind, fought. I bit into its spine and I hurled it onto the floor and I threw things at it and suddenly I could open my eyes and I looked down - and there was Cobain.

I had bit into his spine and killed him. I lifted him into my arms and suddenly was in my parents' basement. I began climbing the stairs, wailing, and then I woke up.

I fell back asleep for just a minute after that and heard a voice in my head repeating, "Are you sorry she's dying? Are you sad she's dying?" over and over.

The dreams have become, in my view, more personal and more threatening. Why, of all people and things, did I dream of killing Cobain? When he is the one cat reacting to something in that apartment?

Other than that, it's fairly quiet. Occasional tappings, knockings, bangings - nothing unusual, nothing conclusively paranormal. Just the incredibly vivid, tactile, awful, threatening dreams night after night after night.

And no, I've never had any of the homes I've lived in blessed. Activity pops up every place I live.

Sorry this was so long! It's nice to get this all down in an email!

I had replied with:

Absolutely. It never hurts to try and gather the information from them. Any legitimate team will have case records they could return to, to review your case. Since the activity tends to be focused around you, I’d definitely mention that to them.

They may want to focus more on you this time since they didn't the first time around. It may completely change the results.I have no doubts that your beloved cat is witnessing some strange activity with all that’s been going on.

Animals, especially dogs and cats are thought to perceive the paranormal world in ways we humans cant. I had witnessed similar activity from my feline a few years back, so I’m on board with that idea.

Dreams, are also thought to be a medium used to contact the dead (in very strange ways) but… in many cases but the majority of times, they’re just dreams. Now, I’m not quite sure if your dreams are related to the other side or not, but unless something in the physical world had changed as a direct result of an action in your dream(s), I’d say it’s just a worked up or stressed imagination.

Though, they seem quite detailed and specific so there’s really no way to know for sure.Your next step is to start writing down in a notebook, the exact times and details of events that you think could be paranormal related. This will be incredibly helpful to your paranormal team should they get back to you.

Again, I’d definitely mention how the activity is focused more on you than anything else and that your family has dabbled in the use of an Ouija Board.If you’d like to give me the area you’re in, I could help you find some paranormal investigative teams?


Try tapping on one. Let us know how you feel about this article!


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