Spiritual Possession:

Across the world, strange happenings are being observed. People are going crazy for no reason. Stories of people with unnatural habits and acting completely different have been circulating the news for centuries. People have turned to religion for answers. Many religions speak of demonic spirits entering into a human body and taking control. Religion tries to find answers for families who believe that one of their loved ones have fallen victim to a spiritual possession.

A spiritual possession is when a demonic entity affects a person on a spiritual level. Many of us are familiar with the five major senses. The spiritual level is considered to be the sixth sense. This level is really understood by saints and people born with this sense as a gift. These members of our society are sought out when someone believes someone they loved has become possessed. Many of them will work with the individual and try to assist every way they can. Unfortunately, this can be a very painstaking process as we watch our loved one slowly be torn away from us.

When someone becomes spiritually possessed, they are unaware of their affected state. It can be quite difficult for someone to seek help on their own and require support from their loved ones. If this has affected someone you love, you may not know where to go. We tend to be afraid to ask for assistance due to the fear of becoming humiliated.

Even though many people understand that there are demonic entities in this world, the idea of a possession seems ridiculous. This is a strange behavior that almost everyone feels. We need to understand that this is a very real threat that needs to be taken seriously.

Symptoms of a Supernatural Possession

We have created a list of symptoms to watch out for if you believe someone you know may have become possessed. Please remember that these are only symptoms and are the first step of determining if you need to seek help. The most important thing is to just observe your findings and don’t try to handle this on your own. You don’t want to make things worse by trying to resolve these problems on your own.

Five Sense Symptoms:

  • A bad taste in the affected person’s mouth.
  • The affected person feels burning eyeballs as if they are being pulled inward.
  • Affected person feels Irritation from dry lips, mouth, and throat.
  • A sticky layer covering the face and body of the person affected.
  • The affected person has oily skin.
  • You get a bad feeling when touched by the affected person.

Physical Symptoms:

  • Affected person feels pinprick sensations.
  • Affected person experiences headaches and migraines.
  • Affected person experiences a backache, aches throughout their body, and are unable to move.
  • Affected person experiences strangulation.

People who have become affected by a possession may find themselves having an increase or decrease in their appetite. Their reproductive system may become problematic. They may have trouble having children, experience recurring miscarriages, and stillbirths. They may be more prone to accidents. They could experience accidents resulting from heated oil flying from a cooking pan and repeated accidents in the same location. They may fidget more and become restless. They could develop tics and have contorted movements. They could begin making unusual moaning noises and animal sounds while not remembering doing so.

The affected person may feel mental distress. They may not feel like speaking to a friend or family member without having a reason. They may distance themselves from friends and family without any reason. The person could have an increase in their ego, reduction of faith, and feel like causing harm to someone.

Some mental conditions they may feel are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fear
  • Mental illness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Mentally seeing frightening images
  • Anger

A person who has been spiritually possessed may experience sexual symptoms. They may experience an increase or decrease in sexual drive. The affected person may start having homosexual attractions. There are times when a female spirit may possess a male causing them to chase after other males. This applies to women also. Homosexual preferences have been observed by spiritual researchers to lie in the spiritual realm. Hormonal changes can occur and the need to lust after teenagers and young adults may become apparent.

A person may experience trouble sleeping or excessive sleep. Sleeping walking patterns may be observed and they may experiences sleep paralysis. The person possessed may experience an increase of nightmares. They may see intimidating faces and various forms of a ghost. They may have visions of their loved ones dying or could dream of killing them. They could feel the fear of a person seeing a possession of a loved one in a waking state. Have visions of snakes harming friends and family.

Couples could experience an increase in arguments causes them to not speak to each other. This can lead to physical, mental and sexual abuse. The couple could experience distress when in close proximity of each other. The spirit will try everything in its power to tear apart the couple and cause them to resent each other.

Symptoms of distress could be:

  • Smelling something foul
  • A black halo is seen around the affected person head
  • A glazed look in the affected person’s eye

Symptoms of distress in dreams could be:

  • Horrific scenes
  •  A skeleton with a human head
  • Arms reaching out from windows
  • Burning corpses
  • Bodies hanging from trees

The affected person could feel someone sleeping beside them when no one is there. The bed sheets being ripped off the bed. Feeling like someone is trying to wake them up. They could see someone walking around the room when no one is in the room with them. They could feel they hand being moved all over their body. The person could suddenly slap themselves for no reason. They could be touched all over their body without any explanation. They may start moaning when they are sleeping.

The person may feel distressed when chanting in the name of God. They could forget what they are chanting all at once. They may be unable to chant. A person could experience a headache during and after chanting. They could feel a smothering sensation while chanting. They could have an odd feeling in the head as they chant then lose consciousness.

A spiritual possession can affect people with a variety of symptoms. Many of the symptoms often mimic symptoms that are both physical and mental. Seek help from a Saint or someone who has a sixth sense ability to confirm if the person you love is possessed. Be sure not to feed into the demonic energy. Try to diagnose the symptoms as early as possible. Untreated symptoms could result in ongoing problems that could tear loved ones apart and worse yet: death. If someone you know experiences many of these symptoms, do not hesitate and seek help.

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