Text Message from Beyond the Grave

I was driving to my niece's grad party in Indiana in May 2015. It was raining hard with thunder and lightning. My cell went off as it does when I have a text and did so an hour later. I did not answer it until we got to our hotel since the ban on texting and driving is serious.

I opened the phone and saw the name "Keith Pookie" on the text and a work phone number on the next text. Pookie is my pet name for my oldest son ,Keith. He passed in the line of Duty (US Navy) in August 2012!

The text was almost three years old and was locked on my phone. The next text was the same message but under my work number. I am freaked by this. We have some phenomena at home, like footsteps on the stairs and flying objects. It's not often, but it happens.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

Story submission: Sue B | Ohio.

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