Well, I was fifteen when I was told that the school auditorium was haunted. For clear reasons I thought the upper-class students were only trying to scare me.   It was my first rehearsal when I noticed a man sitting in the back, I thought it was an administrator who made me nervous, and there was no one in the back of the auditorium. So I said to myself, " Don't worry you have never been in a show before its normal." When the day of the play came, I was in the dressing room, and I feel like I'm being watched.

I look around, and there is nobody in the dressing room but me. Then I look in the mirror. There was that man again, but it was dark in one part of the room, the light blew, I couldn't make out his face, but he did have black clothes on. I told him that he wasn't to be in there and that it was for the girls. He then vanished.  

The next time I saw him I was sixteen, it was during my monologue, that’s when a character is talking for a long time. I was playing the part of a young girl who fell to her death a day before her birthday. My friends saw him standing next to me, I feel someone stroke my face, I look to my right and freeze, that was the first time he touched me.

Later that same day, I have to take some costumes to the men's dressing room. It had an eerie lighting to it, but I go regardless. When I get out of backstage, where the dressing rooms were, the lights go out. It is so dark I can barely see my hands. I make it to the door; I was terrified.

I then run into a better-lit part, and he's there. He was different this time. I saw his eyes; he had pretty ice blue eyes. And the only time he ever spoke to me he said," Don't be afraid of me. I won't hurt you."  I then asked," Who are you?" His reply was," My name is Seth, I've seen you before. Please don't be afraid of me. I'm the one who is keeping the copycat at bay."  

Then he helped me out of the auditorium; I hurt my ankle when I ran in the dark. When I got back to the classroom, I asked," what was the copycat?" A senior said," it's the ghost who hurts people when they are in the auditorium." Right after he said that a bookshelf fell on the teacher, she wasn't hurt because so many people were around her, and they caught it just in time.

I still see Seth but now I see him at my house too. Some people say he's the God of Death, and I don't need to talk to him. But he doesn't talk he just watches me. I see him more than I ever have. And I think of him as a protector.



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