The Charlie Charlie Game

Ok so when the charlie charlie game got famous I thought"ok maybe I should try this it looks fun". I regret that decision... the first time I did it, I did it with two friends. It worked and we were all so scared but amazed. That night, I went over my cousins house and there we did it and it also worked.

When I went home that night I did it again with more another set of friends but it was just two friends... so we did it and this time it didn't work. The next day I was home alone so I played it by myself and it worked.

After that day I played it more times because I never knew that something bad would happen. One night my brother took me somewhere and I was all the way in the back of my car sleeping so after a while I woke up.

when I woke up I heard a whisper saying something I couldn't understand; After the whisper I felt a hand go up my leg. I started to scream and I got my phone flashlight and checked around, nothing was there. I told my brother and he said it was all in my head but I know it wasn't.

Last night I was home alone and I was texting my friend. my bed is right next to my moms closet. it was closed but when I was about to fall asleep it opened up a little bit and then some thing touched me on my leg and I kept hearing whispering.

i ran to the living room and I slept there for the night. It is the next day and I am with my best friend right now and we were talking about our ghost stories and then out of now where my bathroom door slams right open and now I'm here typing.

Story Credit: Octavio V. | California.

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