My name is Risha and I have posted one of my experience with a ghost or demon. So this happened in 2012. I was 12 years old and we lived in a shelter at the time. When we got our room (me my brother my mom and sister).

I went to ask the owners about the house and this is what they said "Well a long time ago this building was for women and their children to live in while their husbands were at War, so you might want to pack your bags and leave NOW!”...Heh well maybe not all that but it sound like that to me.

So I told my mom about it and I asked her can I explore the huge building, Of course she said yes to get me to leave her alone. So as I’m walking down the long halls going to the basement I see this door and I open it.

It was a long stairway that led to a weird room with a picture of this lady, I just looked at it and ran back to my room with my mom. A few days past and I’m in my bed, my little sister was next to me asleep.  I was almost asleep then, I felt a small had mess with my feet.

I kept my eyes closed and wiggled my feet thinking "It must be Nae or Tae (My younger brother and sister)" so I told them to leave me alone. After a while I felt it again so I said a little louder "Leave my feet alone, it’s not funny I’m sleepy" I wiggled my feet again.

I opened my eyes and looked next to me, my sister was gone and I thought it must be her because she wasn't by me, I then looked to my mom's bed and my little sister was next to her asleep. I then thought it must be Tae but then I looked at the top bunk above my mom's bed and he was sleep.

That's when I got scared and I tried to ignore it thinking it was just my imagination before I felt it again but this time the small hand grabbed my feet and squeezed it hard, I jumped up out of my bed and jumped in the bed with my mom.  

The next day I told my mom and she believed me. She told me the same thing happened to her and other people in the shelter. I was happy to hear that she actually believed me because in the movies the parents never believe their children.

Anyways, days pass and in the attic there was a room that was empty, it was a play room for little kids. So every day at 5:00pm there would be a loud little girl's scream (we all heard it) so we would check and see if someone moved in that room but it was always empty.

And I would also hear little feet run down the halls at night and hear little girls laughing. Oh yeah ever since I felt the little hand grab my feet I always feel like something is on my leg and my leg would become freezing while my other leg is normal. (This is 100% true, tell me what you think about it in the comments).


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