How does one come forward with such an event, without facing the harsh ridicule, laughter, and glares?  During that time, not one employee working inside the Wood Haven, dare talk about such things, for fear of being discredited, or perhaps baker acted themselves?

It is no big secret that the Waverly Hills Sanatorium is known to be the most haunted Sanatorium of them all. I, myself never believed in all that paranormal stuff. My wife and I are devout Christians, and we just do not believe in such things. However, I most certainly do now. 

The Creeper is a real tangible entity; a small pocket of us had the untimely vision of this (terrifying black image) burned into our subconscious forever and ever more. There is no erasing this event from our minds of what we had witnessed too, inside the ECT treatment room that cool August morning back in 1967.

In addition, those of us (non-believers,) would soon become believers concerning the paranormal, and we would never be the same again.

Most took this encounter to the grave. Keep in mind we were and even still, afraid of that entity’s long reach. All but one nurse, who, without bad intent, let the cat out of the bag, when her daughter made the fatal mistake of copying and posting the child’s Wood Haven’s, case/file on Facebook, for a friend to read. This was a very private, and personal file, her mother had stolen and kept hidden for over 50 years.

However, the story is out all over the net now, and there is no turning back, spreading much like the wildfires in California.

As of August 2015, I have been reading, quite a few articles about the child, Richard, alias Shadow Eyes, on the web. In addition, I must say, I expected (ridicule) not support from everyone. Never the less, much to my surprise, many have shown, support, and have much fascination with this story concerning the creeper.

As an old man reaching 96, it's time I share what I know of that day way back in 1967. I had been working part-time on the fourth floor as a nurse’s aide, and became good friends with Nurse Wilson, and Nurse Holland during that period in time, I knew Albert Bordinaro, the director for a long while.

I clearly remember the events in that room, as if they happened yesterday. I will only address this one paranormal incident, for there were too many to cover. And I won’t’ be discussing any abuse taken place upon the child that week, I hand no hand in that back then, and I want no part of that now.

Let me start out by saying, everything changed inside the entire Sanatorium the very minute that child, Richard, walked into the building. It was very perplexing to say the least. We were put out by a number of squawking crows that morning, flying all around the child as he stepped out of that black Plymouth.

Those crows numbered in the thousands and were flying landing all over the Waverly. I met the child in the office when they took his ID picture. The terror the child was feeling at the time was quite apparent to us all.

For being such a little lad, he had a strong presence. He seemed to me, much like a cherub, and I felt he was what we called back then, an old soul.  He was a beautiful little boy, polite, always replying with a yes sir, or yes mam. He never said a word to the men unless asked a question. He was very gentle, moved and walked about quietly, much like a cat. I remember the child made eye contact with all of us briefly.

He avoided looking at us men folk mostly. His glare, those penetrating green eyes, still resonates with me today. The child had a strong distrust of men, his eyes alone told the story. That child was able to see right through us men folk, read our minds like an open book. From then on, I stayed clear of his gaze, making sure to never have direct eye contact with him.

The first time I saw this smelly black entity was on August 23rd, 1967 around 10:32 am, my watch was off a bit, but close enough. Richard was wheeled into the room for his 2nd ECT, strapped down on the table inside the ECT treatment room.

With, two outside Doctors I had never seen before, one male nurse one male orderly and one female nurse. I had overheard the Doctors discussing upping the voltage on the ECT machine, way too much for a little child to endure. In addition, I feel that may have triggered the whole event. When they hit the on switch, and the electricity hit the child, he let out a scream that was so loud and ear piercings, it gave me a headache.

The child had spit out his rubber mouth guard, and things only worsened for him then. Dr. Buckman, (slapped the child,) in the face, and scolded him for spitting out his rubber guard onto the floor. Moreover, when he slapped that boy in the face, the atmosphere changed on a dime. The look in that child’s eyes was pure rage; I have never seen that look in a child before now. He was directing his gaze right at Dr. Buckman. His face turned blood red, sweat poured from the child, his veins in his neck and arms were pulsating.

The child was strapped down, and seemed so helpless now, it was making me sick to watch this abuse, I was about to leave the room when they hit the switch for the second time. The screaming only intensified becoming louder and more violent.

The child was screaming for his life, for his father, his mother, to God to help him get off that table, and make all it all stop. I had looked over at nurse Holland, by this time she begins to cry and started to panic for the child’s safety at this point.  Richard had soiled his pants, urinated on the table. Then his eyes looked as though they were lit up, perhaps from the electricity, whatever the case, his eyes were now glowing and started to bleed.

He threw up all over himself, he begins to chock on his vomit, white foam began to run out of his mouth, unable to scream any longer he went still. Moreover, it seemed to me, the Doctors were enjoying this. I wanted to call the police.

Dr. Bender says, “One more time.” Not giving the child a moment to rest or clear out his mouth. At this point, little Richard looked as though he had passed out. In addition, they hit the switch yet again, and then something odd happened.

The radiator in the treatment room began to clang and clang, as though it were being hit on down in the basement with a hammer. Crows, where flying into the window, as if they were trying to break the glass, then started piling up, on the outside window ledge. The sounds from the radiator and crows become louder and louder, from the northeast corner of the ceiling, a black haze started dripping down to the ground. However, it was not actually touching the ground, instead, it collected a few inches off the floor.

The smell of burnt flesh, sulfur, and rotten eggs filled the room. This thing started growing in size, and within seconds, it was about nine-foot-high, a solid black mist. It started taking on the shape of having only a head and shoulder area, then it broke that form, floated with what looked like black gray spider webs draping behind the mist as it moved over, then (shrouded) the child like a big black blanket.

We all heard the grumbling, a terrifying, very deep tone, a broken static like voice, saying, “Get out, get out, go from the child, leave him now.” Not a one of us were able to move a muscle; we were unable to see the child through the black mist, but we were definitely seeing, smelling, and hearing this thing in action before us.

I was thinking, “What if it that thing somehow consumes the child right before us, talk about a lawsuit?” The glass beakers begin to fly off the shelves crashing into the walls, books, papers, anything not glued down began to fly around the room.

Nurse Holland, hit in the face with flying glass, then fainted onto the floor. We all took off running out of the room, all of us, and I am not proud of myself for leaving that woman on the floor.

However, two of us went back within minutes with a gurney for nurse Holland. I grabbed a camera and was able to snapshot of the entity now standing in the doorway to the room. The entity then vanished from the room faster than it appeared.

After tending to nurse Holland, we all ending up in the chapel taking and trying to pull ourselves together. Nurse Holland was fine, just a few cuts and scrapes. She said to the Doctors, “I want to go get little Richard off the table, take him to his room, get him showered and cleaned up and tended to. She was ordered, by the Doctor, “You, leave that freak right where he is.”

That was something that none of us in that room, can really ever explain. Things only worsened health wise for some, few died shortly after. Some quit, and moved out of Kentucky altogether, heading in different directions with their lives. I hear the picture of the entity after all these years, ended up in the possession of the child Richard.

Fact: That little child’s pain and suffering that morning, somehow brought about the [manifestation] of that entity, many now call the Creeper, in front of five people, inside the Wood Haven. It was clear to us all, standing in that room that morning; the entity was without a doubt, protecting that child Richard from his abusers, no if’s, and or buts.  To tell the truth, I was glad for that, and I feel that me, and nurse Holland, being the only ones in our hearts, were against this abuse, we fared well.

However, all involved paid dearly, for their part in the torment, abuse, and sufferings they heaped upon the child. I have gone on, and lived a full long life, as did nurse Holland.

Criticisms have continued on concerning these accounts, a lot of focus was placed on us people, and how we viewed this entity through our own eyes. However, the Doctors and professors of Parapsychology know better and stand firmly behind the poltergeist event, as do I.

God Bless Shadow Eyes.

Story Credit: Harold Wood | Kentucky.

Be sure to read Dr. Mason D. Perry's full analyis on Electroshock therapy of children within Waverly with extensive details about "Shadow Eyes". 


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