The Dark Figure from the Hidden Attic Room

It was winter 2013, kind of the butt end of it where the weather can't choose to be warm or cold. I was living in a new house I just moved into a couple months ago because of problems in school but before I get started, let me give you a lay out.

I lived upstairs with my two younger sisters in the attic made rooms area. There was a set of stairs that lead from the kitchen up to a small landing then our rooms. We were the only ones that were up there...the small landing and doors separating our rooms.

I had gotten the bigger of the two rooms and in my room had these old closets with latch locks on them. In one of the closets as a small door boarded over that had the rest of the attic behind it. I never really thought much of it.

After staying in the room for a month I started getting a feeling of being watched and always never liked sleeping in my room alone at night. Though one experience I had stuck with me forever.

I was asleep and was dreaming rather vividly and in the dream I felt something crawling on me in my bed. That was when I woke up but I could not move anything but my head. I had looked to my right where that closet with a small attic room inside was.

The door was wide open and then a heavy pressure started at my feet slowly moving up making me look towards the foot of my bed.

Once the pressure moved to my chest I saw a dark faceless figure laying on top of me breathing heavily. I could not scream or move and all I remember after that was falling back to sleep after and waking up to tell my mom after in the morning. 

After this happened, I started sleeping on a mattress on the far end of my room by my dresser. I would at times wake up and find the figure standing at the foot of my bed as if it didn't know I moved. There are a few more happenings with this same figure.

Once I was walking down the stairs it was around 8:30...I was going downstairs to get breakfast and in my ear all I could hear was the word run and I booked it the hell downstairs. My sister had a few experiences that she informed me of later on as well.

She said that sometimes her bunk bed would shake back and forth up until the time I woke up with a spider in my bed and I started sleeping in her room.

As well as when I was gone at friends houses till late playing video games and goofing around she would be getting up in the middle of the night knowing to have shut my bedroom door to find it wide open and seeming to be calling for her to come inside it and inky blackness staring back at her.

This is all the experiences I had at that house and to this day my legs lock up every time I speak of it as if that pressure has come back and it's here to get me. I was glad the day we moved out of that house for good.

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