The Demon of 3406 Brownsville Road

The Demon of 3406 Brownsville Road

As a child Bob Cranmer had often admired a certain house on his way to and from school. It was the type of home that seemed like it would be a good place to raise a family in one day. Some might say this is unusual behaviour for a young boy.

Was Bob mature for his age, or was it something else that piqued his interest?

The house that drew Bob's gaze from a young age was 3406 Brownsville Road, which has since become known as the home of The Demon of Brownsville Road.

It's not unusual that this house would attract people's attention. Of all of the houses on Brownsville Road, it's probably the most beautiful home. Built at the very start of the 20th century, it's a typical sort of large family home from the certain era and place that looks and feels as American as apple pie.

It's the type of family home - nestled away in an affluent suburb in Pittsburgh - that families strive their whole lives to obtain.

It's the kind of home you move into and then look forward to spending the rest of your lives in and watching your children grow up in.

When Bob became a young man he moved away to join the Army and later became a county commissioner.

He's not the typical guy you'd find ranting and raving about spirits and demons. He's a credible guy with a lot of time spent being responsible for others. At one point he had 700 people working under him.

But Bob never forgot that house that he used to love even when he moved away and when he and the rest of the Cranmer family moved back to Brentwood, the stars seemed to align.

In a stroke of luck, the house was put up for sale at the exact same time, the house he'd always wanted to own since he was a small boy could finally be his.

When it came up for sale he was sure it was fate. He purchased the house in 1988 and moved his family in. His wife and their four children.

It seemed like Bob was living the American dream. A dream that would soon turn into a nightmare.

But how could such a beautiful home be the stuff of nightmares? It may be because it had something living within that was much older than the house itself, something not entirely of this world.

According to Bob, it wasn't too long before they began to experience strange occurrences and when they did, it happened quickly.

First it was just noises. Doors swinging open, floorboards creaking, suspected footsteps, that kind of thing. The type of things you would maybe expect from an old house. Especially a three-story house containing so much old timber.

But after a while it became more than just noise. Things definitely took a turn for the sinister. Things not easily explained by a sudden gust of wind or by century-old timber expanding and contracting in the Pittsburgh weather.

The Cranmers started to notice objects moving. Things not being quite where they left them.

One morning they awoke and found that all of the lights had been switched on and the radio was playing downstairs. It was almost as if something was playing mischievous child-like games on them.

At first it was peculiar more than it was terrifying and it went on this way for years. The Cranmers where getting the distinct impression they were not quite alone over time.

However, there were still plausible explanations, it wasn't until later they saw things that cannot be dismissed or explained away.

The first member of the family targeted by The Demon of Brownsville Road was Bob's three-year-old son.

He was always a happy child, but suddenly became very withdrawn and would not sleep in his own bed. He started to try and sleep in the closet at night. Bob claims that the family had a priest enter the home to bless it.

It was during this blessing that Bob's son became incensed, and would not let the priest carry out his duties, blocking him by spreading out his arms and legs in an “X” shape in the doorway.

The Cranmers then started to see things that couldn't be explained by anything natural or man-made. Crucifixes turned upside down, the smell of sulphur, black fog, something touching them and scratching them while they slept.

The family would often wake up with bite marks all over their bodies. It was around this time that they saw a foul smelling black liquid on the walls.

When Bob collected a sample and took it into a lab to be analysed, the origin of the liquid could not be determined.

It was unlike anything the lab technician had ever seen.

Over time the attacks got so bad that bob's wife and two of his sons had to be be admitted to psychiatric care units.

The entity took such a toll on the Cranmer family that they decided to call in an experienced demonologist by the name of Adam Bai.

With Adam's help, the family discovered a small crawl space that was full of objects taken from each owner of the house since it was built.

Including some Lego bricks belonging to their son, the son that had first showed the signs of being traumatised by something.

Things didn't end there though. Over the course of two years since the entity became violent, things got steadily worse, culminating in the need for an exorcism of the house.

Several exorcisms were needed in fact before the family finally experienced some peace in 2006.

An exorcism is not something the catholic church grants lightly. Before one is performed a thorough examination of the building is required and the validity of the claims investigated in detail.

If the house did in fact receive several visits from the church, it would lend some validity to Bob's claims.

Could the family be lying attention seekers or just plain nuts? Yes, of course, anyone who reports such activity could be.

But there's a lot of real evidence to back up what the family has been saying.

Bob has certainly earned enough respect over years of public service to be listened to.

Whatever happened to the Cranmer family, something did happen to put three members of the family in a psych ward.

Thankfully, it now seems to have stopped. Hopefully the exorcism has worked.

But given how long The Demon of Brownsville Road waited before it finally truly revealed itself, one has to wonder if it has time on its side. It could be waiting for the right time to strike again.

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3406 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15227, USA
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