My story starts off in Parma Ohio. I was around seven years old. I would sit in the corner and talk to this ghost. She was an older lady and very friendly. After a year or two, it stopped. I didn't know why or what I did to cause her to leave.

Then when I was around nine years old me and my grandma lived in this house that was built in the 1800s. We hear three knocks at night, stuff being moved around, and someone walking in the hallway upstairs.

We ignored it for a long time until we started getting this gooey water type stuff on the kitchen floor. So one night we said screw it we got a video camera and taped it. On the tape, there was the old lady again dressed in this beautiful white gown and a little black dog by her.

We believe she was the cause of the water. Then all of a sudden she goes toward the camera and shuts it off. When we viewed the tape we realized something. She was there to tell us something was going to happen.

My aunt was pregnant at the time and she had a miscarriage. After that, the ghost never came back once we found out about the baby. I moved out of that house to another one with my mom. She and I were sleeping and we heard someone yell Jasmine as loud as they could.

It was a women's voice...I knew the voice. Anyways it was so loud that it woke me and my mom up. It scared us so much after that stuff would be moved. I would get super angry and break things and not remember.

It scared all of us. I started self-harming and got put in a psychiatric ward because I heard voices I knew they were real but no one believed me.

Now I'm 17 and to this day I still hear the voice and someone touching my shoulder at night or even three knocks on my wall.


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