The Happenings

I was only young and me my mum, my dad and my sister had just moved house. It was a reasanobly sized house with a little garden. It had a little field on the back of the house which belonged to the people who lived in that area, they had a key to the gate which always needed to be locked when no one was on the field.

It all started when me and my friend (Chloe) were out just round the side of the house and we had left the gate to the field open because we would be going back in the field in less then 5 minutes so there was no point in locking the gate, and we a woman who lived at the side of the house came out and started talking to my friend 'your that little girl who used to come around my house aren't you?

You used to play with tea-pots with my daughter she said. My mate looked puzzled and we just laughed and went back into the field. The next day the woman came out again and started shouting at us 'how dare you leave the gate open my daughter will get out you stupid kids do you understand what you have done.

It's a good job she hasn't noticed and she is still sat on the and Chloe both looked at the swing to see that no one was on the swing but it was swinging quite fast and it couldn't have been the wind because it was summer and there wasn't even a slight breeze.

We ignored the woman and went and told my dad. I told him what had happened and stated that it had scared he went out to her, approached her and said 'why are you scaring my child. You don't have access the the field because its only for them few houses near us'.

She replied 'go away I want to keep my daughter safe!' He was puzzled and said to her 'I'm not being rude but your daughter isn't in the field there is no one there' she then launched at my friend and started dragging her and shouting abusive things so my dad called the police and they just told is to stay away from her and to make sure we don't lave the gate open just to keep her calm.

A few weeks passed by and I had a hamster named munchie, she was so clever she could climb the stairs and everything. Anyway I was laid on my bedroom floor and she was laid on my chest, I was shouting through to my mum because she was in the bath.

We was just chatting when I saw my sister walk past and walk straight into the bathroom so I said 'Jodie what are you doing mums in the bath' and my mum said 'who are you talking to' and I said 'Jodie obviously' and she said 'Jodie is out she isn't back until tomorrow so you can't have been talking to Jodie' at the time when I actually saw her walk past I was froze and couldn't move and my hamster was froze too (but legend has it that animals can see spirits).

I just thought I must have been day dreaming so I left it at that.

The next day my mum was in the bath again (she is very clean haha) and me and my sister were playing on the field because we always used to stay out there until about 10 o'clock, and I saw a female in my bedroom with long blonde hair and she was towel drying it, at first I thought this was my mum as she has blonde hair (not long though) so I went inside and said to my dad 'what is mum doing in my room' and he said 'she's not don't be daft she is still in the bath I've only just been up to her'.

'Oh well that's weird I just saw someone in my room' I said. 'Don't be so stupid' he replied. At that point me and my sister just forgot about it and went back on onto the green (the field).

We were singing, dancing and messing around and that's when out the corner of my eye I saw my bedroom light turn on so me and my sister looked at my window and saw my dad bobbing his head up and down and dancing as if he was mimicking us. We then ran into the house to laugh at him but he was sat on the sofa.

'Why where you just in Jess's room?' My sister asked. 'I wasn't I've been watching tele even ask your mum' he said. 'Mum promise that none of you have been in the bedroom' she said. 'I promise love' my mum said.

We eventually figured that what ever the 'presence' was in our house it didn't like being ignored. One day it was just me and my dad at home and we heard banging upstairs. We turned the tele up and ignored it, this is when the tinfoil that was on the kitchen side (that my dad had put out ready to put a sandwich in) fell on the floor.

We both ran in the kitchen only to see that one piece of the tinfoil was scrunched up and the other had tiny finger marks on. We both got freaked out and just ignored it. Then my Nan rang my dad and they were chatting for abit and then she said to him 'can you turn that water off please I can't hear you speak all's I can hear is the water in the background'.

My dad said 'there is no water mum I'm in the living room' this happened mostly every time someone would ring us, they would claim that they could hear water running when there was no water running at all. We all decided to put one of our phones on record on the stairs.

When we received the phone we heard the noise of water like somebody was running a bath but when we went up stairs there wasn't a bath running. Then we all forgot about it and started messing about with the voice changer that my mum had on her phone, we changed my mums voice into a chipmunk (really high pitched) and when we played it back we heard her voice and then a voice say 'immortal' it said something along with that but we couldn't quite hear it even when we slowed it down.

Thank you for reading this story.

Story Credit: Talitha, UK.

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