THE HAUNTED ABANDONED FACTORY I'm about to say is real. all starts with a normal day at school. Me and 2 other buddies of mine were talking about weird stuff that happened to us. A girl from the class heard us talking and started telling us about this abandoned milk factory on the outskirts of our town...basically in the middle of nowhere, but the building is huge so it's hard to miss.

I forget what the place was called...something with Ce- or Cer- , so...stupid I said...we should go there after class. Both of my friends agreed. Later that day...we met up and started making our way to that place, it was still light out. On the way there we were talking about it like it was could happen.

The milkman is going to give us spoiled milk? We were stupid...when we arrived there we...pretty much lost all of our confidence...not so cocky now. The place was huge...surrounded by nothing but tall grass. Having second thoughts I insisted we go in. They were hesitant but before they could say anything I already opened the rusty metal door that let out this ear aching screech like a woman screaming in pain.

We went in... the smell in there was horrible. We explored the entire building and it was just...empty...nothing really scary about it. We went on the roof of the of my friends found the stairs leading to the basement behind this broken down wall all the way in the back of the factory.

So we started going was so darn dark. And getting darker...and darker...and darker as we went on. Eventually, we got to this...claustrophobia-inducing hallway...rooms on every side...but the walls of the hallways were so close that only 2 people at once next to each other would be able to go through...the darkness was still there...we had to use the lights on our phones.

Now...we heard stories about the place...stories like people going in there and either going missing or just...changing...acting differently. As soon as one of us flashed the lights to the ceiling we saw ropes hanging from the pipes...not just any normal ropes, looked like they were used for hanging. Soon we realized why those people might never have come back out. Stupidly enough we decided to keep going.

The hallway felt endless...I mean...yeah...the building was big but we saw it from the side...surely it can't go for this long. Why is this hallway so long... especially for a milk factory...where does it lead? As we kept passing the rooms we heard weird...questionable sounds. From heavy very soft moaning. But the one sound that was very persistent and felt like was following us was the sound of like...I don't know how to explain...plastic being dragged but...well whatever you will understand later.

So we were in there for at least an hour...but the hallway kept going and going. Eventually, we stopped out of we stood there deciding if we should leave or not the dragging sound moved from behind us to in front of us. As one of us pointed the light in front, the only thing we saw was what looked like rib cage dragging itself across the floor from one room to the other...we saw it from the side.

Just the upper torso of what seemed like a human skeleton. I know you might be thinking...this is bs. I crap you not...I have never lied about anything in my life. Also, I come from a very superstitious family so joking about this sort of stuff is taboo for me. Back to the story...we froze there for like 10 seconds but it felt longer than that.

Eventually, all of us just turned and ran like it was the end of the world. Bumping into each other...hitting the walls...then we realized that.... the stairs from where we came from...was more than 5 minutes away from us.

We didn't have time to think about it because we were still hauling ass. Now the sounds all around us started getting louder and more disturbing from drowning noises to just gut wrenching screaming that felt like it was right in my ears.

When we got out of there the first thing we noticed was that outside it was completely was night time...we went in there while it was still light out (1 AM). When we got as far away as possible from there...when we made sure we were in the city where there were cars and people we checked our phones and it was almost morning.

 I... for the life of me...have no idea what happened there...I haven't told anyone this story. This all happened 6 or 7 years ago. And I remember it all like it happened a few hours ago...again I repeat...this is real...this really happened...the place is real and a lot of people have had weird stuff happen to them in there.

So it's not just us...I have another thing that happened to me when I was sleeping over at my cousin's house and...'s probably not as scary...and shorter but it's another real experience. It also involves a doll as tall as a 12-year-old.

Next time maybe...writing about what happened there not only gave me chills but it brought back the feelings of being helpless...terrified...felt like we were going to die and never come out of there. So I want to go relax and try to fight these feelings away.



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