Many hospitals have been accused of being haunted, and for good reasons. Although originally established as places of healing, hospitals are also places of death and sorrow. Lincoln Hospital in Fayetteville, Tennessee is one such example of this.

Originally, constructed in the 30's, Lincoln Hospital played a major role in the Fayetteville community until it was closed in the late 90's. What makes Lincoln Hospital interesting, however, is that, like many haunted hospitals, it is filled with a diverse number of supernatural phenomenon.

Lincoln Hospital is the site of many strange sightings, including vague silhouettes on windows, strange noises, passing shadows and unusual sensations on the skins. In addition to these, the hospital is also reported to be the residence of numerous ghosts and apparitions.

It is no wonder, therefore, why Lincoln Hospital is the subject of so many rumors. So if you are interested to learn more about this hospital and its mysteries then here's what you need to know about it.

Is the Old Lincoln Hospital Haunted?

There is no single specific reason why Lincoln Hospital is haunted, and legends about this haunted hospital did not begin with any single story or local myth. The hospital developed its reputation for the supernatural relatively early on when more and more patients (and later, visitors) began to notice unusual phenomenon all around them while staying in the rooms or wandering around in the halls.

Also, most of what is known about Lincoln Hospital's mysteries were reported by supernatural investigators.

Shows, like the "Hunting the Unknown Truth" and "Ghost Adventures" (Season 11, Episode 4. Watch this episode on Amazon) have done a lot of work in ascertaining the mysteries behind this haunted hospital.

Furthermore, there are also plenty of independent and freelance investigators who've drawn their own conclusions about the hospital and its supernatural characteristics. And of course, there are also stories from the local inhabitants of Fayetteville who claim that the hospital is indeed haunted.

In short, what's interesting about Lincoln Hospital's haunting is that it's not directly related to any single ghost or myth. Instead, much of its mystique is the confluence of several different factors. Some witnesses claim that they saw ghosts and apparitions, while some tourists claim an unusual feeling on their skin.

Other visitors claim that they hear unusual noises from the halls, or strange noises behind locked doors. Even when the hospital had been closed, people still reported seeing shapes or even people moving around in the windows of the supposedly abandoned hospital.

It's also worth mentioning that Lincoln Hospital is that it has multiple ghost sightings. One ghost was described as a female in the "Hunting the Unknown Truth" show, while a few witnesses claim that they have seen lights and strange shapes while staying in the hospital during the night.

Some visitors and investigators also claim that the hospital has a "persistent memory," which is to say that the sounds and emotions of the past are strongly embedded in the hospital's overall milieu. What this means is that when people hear something, they will also experience the same feelings that were originally associated with those sounds. Likewise, people who feel certain emotions while inside the hospital are more likely to hear sounds as well.

Given all of these testimonies, it's easy to see how Lincoln Hospital developed its reputations as a haunted place. So even though most accounts about the hospital do not explain why it is haunted, there are more than enough of them to prove that it is.

Paranormal Activity Inside the Old Lincoln Hospital

Lincoln Hospital's interior is exactly what you might expect from a haunted hospital. Mold and fungi cover the floors of certain rooms. Broken walls, doors and windows can be found everywhere. Abandoned hospital equipment and tools can be found littered everywhere. And, of course, there are the gloomy apparitions and shadows that seemed to followed visitors wherever they went.

However, despite its eerie and dread-filled interior, what's most troubling about Lincoln Hospital are its various rooms. People who have been to Lincoln Hospital report that the scariest parts include: 

  • The Nursery
  • The Hallways
  • The Operating Room on the Second Floor
  • The Laboratory

It's also worth mentioning that visitors and and paranormal investigators who have been to this place claim that the second and third floors are the most haunted places in the hospital, because of their sparse lighting and the general feeling of dread which seems to permeate these areas. There are even claims made by investigators that the 2nd and 3rd floors are filled with more than one ghost or spirit, and that some of them are malevolent in nature.

Other reported phenomenon include sounds, shadows and lights. Some paranormal investigators even report various types of ghosts, including:

  • The ghost of a young girl who haunts the first and second floor.
  • Two or more unidentified ghosts in the second floor.
  • A malevolent ghost in the third floor.
  • An assortment of specters and strange lights.

Finally, in addition to the supernatural element, it's also important to point out that the hospital is filled with all kinds of molds, fungi and old medical equipment. What this means is that aside from the supernatural factors inside the hospital, there are physical hazards as well, and the presence of such hazards help to increase the haunting nature of the hospital.

Our Old Lincoln Hospital Conclusion on Paranormal Activity

All in all, Lincoln Hospital is a very scary place. Like many haunted hospitals, it's not the kind of place that you'll want to spend the night in alone, not only because of supernatural reasons, but also because the hospital may be home to various diseases and fungi.

As of late 2015, investigations and tours into the building have been suspended. However, despite this moratorium, Lincoln Hospital's reputations continues. People in Fayetteville continue to claim seeing silhouettes in the hospital's windows as well as strange sounds coming from its direction.

The future of Lincoln Hospital is presently uncertain, but some paranormal investigators claim that the hospital requires an exorcism, while others are content to leave it as it is. Whatever the case may be, though, Lincoln Hospital will remain one of the most interesting sights in Fayetteville, Tennessee.


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