The Haunting of the Berini Family

The Haunting of the Berini Family

The Berini Haunting is one of the most disturbing tales ever told about a possible haunting. First of all, the name Berini is a pseudonym, it's not real, but the events that took place between the late 1970s and early 1980s to the family in question are perhaps, very real indeed.

The events themselves are well-documented and have been thoroughly investigated, but as of yet, no plausible explanation has been found as to the cause of the Berini family's experiences. 

In fact, it was those investigators - from the Psychical Research Foundation - that gave the family their pseudonym to protect their privacy. 

So what exactly happened to the Berini family? 

Let's start at the beginning. The tale of this haunting is very much a family affair. It began when “Joe” and his wife “Rose” decided to move into the Berini's family home, located in New England. Joe had never lived at the house, but his father had grown up there. When the house came into Joe's possession, it seemed like the ideal thing to do. 

Joe's family had been at the house for many generations, so Joe knew that several of his ancestors had died in the house. This is nothing unusual, if you're reading this in an old house, then you must know that many people have probably died in your home over the years.

It's a creepy thought, but most people don't check their houses' history. Joe only knew people had passed in the home because it was his own family. So Joe looked at it rationally, and moved his family in. 

His family consisted of his wife Rose, and her two children from a previous marriage, “John” and “Daisy”. At first the decision looked like it had paid off. It was a fantastic old New England house, and everything was normal. 

Then, Rose started to hear a mysterious voice, a little girl by the name of Serena calling for her mother. At first Joe was naturally skeptical, but later on he would find out that he actually had an aunt named Serena who died at the home when she was a little girl. 

Hearing a ghostly voice must have been alarming enough, but it turned out that what followed was even more terrifying.

Serena's voice was actually an indication of danger to come. The following day after hearing the voice, Rose took Daisy for a minor medical procedure, and Daisy's heart stopped during surgery. Luckily, she did not die. Was Serena looking out for the family?

Serena's voice was heard again the day Joe's grandmother had a stroke. It was also heard again when she died due to the stroke at a later date.

Serena's warnings also alerted Joe to the fact that Rose was choking in her sleep, he was able to wake her just in time. After this, for the next three years, Serena was silent. 

It seemed like this was the end of the Berini haunting and things went back to normal in their home. 

That was until Giorgio started to appear. Joe noticed the spirit of this small boy going from room to room looking for something. When Joe inspected the area where the boy was kneeling, he found a small religious medallion with a broken chain.

Asking his extended family about it, he was told the chain belonged to his uncle Giorgio, who had also died at the home in childhood by being burnt to death while getting ready for communion. 

Giorgio spoke to Joe and accused Joe's other uncle, Carlos - who was still alive - of taking something. No-one, including Carlos could figure out what it was. After this, Giorgio vanished, and the Berinis witnessed a telephone being thrown through the air. 

This was a new stage in the haunting. It had gone from warnings from confused dead children, to poltergeist activity, and it was this activity that made the Berini's life hell over the next few months. 

The phone was the focal point of the activity to begin with. After a dozen times of it being thrown around, Joe decided to call his parents and ask for their advice. However, whenever Giorgio's name was mentioned the phone would cut out. 

After this - and several other strange occurrences - they finally decided to get the catholic church involved and had the house blessed. This seem to get rid of Giorgio's spirit, but it was not the last encounter with something not of this world. 

Soon after they saw a ghostly hunchbacked figure roaming the house. Then the poltergeist activity increased and got much worse, including physical attacks on the family. Rose was almost strangled, levitated and seemed to be the object of the malign hunchback spirit's anger.

Daisy's desk was also thrown down the stairs. The final straw was a kitchen knife planted in a table. The Berinis took this as an ominous warning that their lives were very much in danger. 

It was after this that the Berini family finally relented and moved out of the house for over a month. During this time they managed to convince the church to perform an exorcism on the home, which finally worked. The haunting had finally stopped. The exorcism had done the job. 

Somewhat late to the party, the Psychical Research Foundation had gotten wind of the haunting and had turned up to investigate.

Only to find that the haunting had stopped. However, they were able to corroborate a lot of the Berini family's story by interviewing church members, family, friends and others. 

So was it all real? It would seem that through the sheer amount of people interviewed that the Berinis certainly experienced something. And the Psychical Research Foundation - having had ties to some of the world's top universities - are known as one of the largest and most credible organizations investigating the paranormal.

If they say they've found the story credible it lends some validity to the story. 

Did the Berini haunting stop? Unfortunately, as the Berini's real identity was never disclosed, we have no way of contacting the family to find out if the exorcism did the job permanently, or if it was just a band-aid solution.

It's a scary thought, but Giorgio, Serena and the Hunchback could be walking the floorboards of the Berini family home as you read this.

Try tapping on one. Let us know how you feel about this article!


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