The Hopkinsville Goblin Encounter

The Hopkinsville Goblin Encounter

The Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblin Encounter, otherwise known as the Hopkinsville Goblins Case was a series of strange incidents involving the presence of extraterrestrial beings. These incidents were reported in the year of 1955 and the most bizarre incident involved a rural farmhouse which belonged to the Sutton family.

The farmhouse was located in a remote area between Hopkinsville and the hamlet of Kelly in Kentucky. Some members of the family at the farmhouse reported seeing unidentifiable creatures along with strange lights and sounds.

UFOlogists still study the incidents frequently and claim that everything was investigated by the US Air Force even though there is no evidence to support this.

The Hopkinsville Goblins case involved eleven people belonging to two families at the farmhouse who witnessed the creatures. There were several police officers who also noticed strange lights and sounds on the same night as the events.

There were seven people who claimed they were terrorized by several creatures which looked identical to gremlins or "goblins". All witnesses gave a description of the creatures and each of the descriptions matched perfectly clarifying that they were approximately three feet tall, they had thin limbs, ears pointing upwards, long thin arms and huge claws.

It is said that all of the creatures were silver looking or they were wearing metallic clothes. At times they were floating above the ground completely defying gravity and walking as though they were wading through water.

Fortunately for the two families at the farmhouse the "goblins" didn't enter inside the farmhouse, however they did approach the windows and doorways. All of the children were woken up by the creatures forcing the families to flee in the middle of the night to a nearby police station. 

Around 20 officers escorted the families back to the farmhouse after Sheriff Russell Greenwell reported that the families were truly shaken up by what had happened. When the officers got to the farmhouse they were completely astonished by the crazy noises and lights which continued through the night.

Officers apparently shot at the unidentified creatures and the bullets had virtually no effect at all while the building endured extensive damage. UFO researchers agree that the case is one of the most astonishing as there were so many witnesses including police officers. 

The event started as a man named Billy Ray Taylor had to go outside to get a drink from the water pump at around 7:00pm. When he was out getting some water he noticed strange lights all over the sky, he immediately thought it was a flying saucer and ran back to tell the others about it.

Nobody believed him and everyone assumed he had just saw a shooting star. However around an hour later everyone started to hear some weird noises outside which could not logically be explained.

The family dog also started barking wildly at the nearby trees forcing Billy Ray Taylor and Elmer Sutton to walk outside with their guns. This was the moment that they saw a creature emerge from the shadows of the trees.

Naturally, they began shooting at it with a shotgun and .22 rifle until it fled back into the darkness. The men tried looking for it as they assumed they had wounded it, however the creature was not affected at all.

Each time a bullet hit the creatures there would be a 'clink' sound as if the bullet was hitting metal. The creature would then float in mid-air before flipping around and fleeing. It is not known how many of them there were but they could be heard scratching on the roofs and walls of the building for hours.

They would attempt to climb through the windows as well, however each time they tried to do this they were shot.

It wasn't until approximately 11pm that a highway trooper reported meteor-like objects flying around in the sky. This added even more reliability to the events and it really got people thinking.

Because police officers backed up the claims made by the two families, there was nobody doubting the claims made about the sightings. Police interviewed many of the locals and everyone was in great distress as they all heard the gunfight which took place and they all saw strange lights and heard weird noises.

There were some possible explanations for the events which people were talking about at the time. One of which was that the witnesses were actually seeing monkeys who had escaped from the circus painted with silver.

However if they really were monkeys then how did the bullet wounds not kill them? How did they levitate above the ground? These situations were not explainable as it just doesn't make sense.

One man named Renaud Lecletlt claimed that the creatures seen were actually just Great Horned Eagles trying to defend their nests.

Either way the events seem to be crazy and these so called "goblins" were extremely strange. The case has certainly sparked studies on UFO's and people are always trying to come up with logical explanations.

However there will never be an explanation viable enough to describe how the law of gravity was defied and how these creatures survived bullet wounds without even bleeding. Why were the bullets creating a metal like sound on impact instead of penetrating the flesh?

How was the building so badly damaged because of bullet holes without anyone being hurt? The fact that police officers and many local neighbors supported the claims made just shows that there is definitely truth to the story.

Many believe the Government are linked to the events and that they are hiding the truth from us. Do they know about extra terrestrials and are they living among us without us even realizing? If the Government are aware of these creatures then why are we not informed about it?

Now we will never know what exactly happened that night, but we are sure there was a gunfight with no deaths and hundreds of bullet holes. It is safe to say that the creatures never returned back at the farmhouse and the events will be studied for many years to come.

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