The Killer Ghost

I just moved into a new house and that's when things got weird. I started experiencing extreme headache, my brothers and sisters also experienced thing like that. About 2 months later i found out a man had killed his entire family including himself because he did not want to go to prison when he killed 3 men.

After i found this out i would go in my room and experience severe panic attacks. This spirit finally made its self know when it revealed its self to my sister.

It screamed the most terrifying scream you could ever hear and said in the most bone chilling voice "what are you doing in my house". it also started stalking me and my brother by looking over us just like he used to do to his children.

When we decided to leave and move out it started try to hold us back by pushing and hitting us as we went towards the door to leave. when we loaded the last truck to leave that's when we heard a crying man saying "my children are dead. why did i kill them". That is when i realized ghost are really real.

Anonymous submission.


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