My husband and I moved in a house built on an old battlefield ground. This field goes on for miles and miles then there’s nothing but graves. Such a bloody massacre happened a long time ago during the Civil War in Nancy, KY.

When we first moved there strange actively immediately started happening. We began hearing voices outside mumbling to each other. Note that we have no one that lives close to us for miles. We go outside to investigate and find nothing. We go back inside; it starts up again. We try to fall asleep and hear old music kind of like an old music box. This keeps us awake for some time. We were never able to pin-point the location of the music.

Everyday there on out, activities increase. We go outside on our porch and sit. At night, we see shadow figures moving along the trees within the woods. We’d also be in the living room and hear something walking on our front porch often. We run outside to investigate. Nothing there…

My body was numb from fear. My husband trying to act calm was looking at me. I could tell he was in shock like I was. We knew this was something paranormal. And we are very skeptical people about paranormal stuff too until this happened to us. It changed everything. A whole new door opened up that we were not familiar with.

We thought maybe if we don't think about it much maybe it might just stop. So living there for a week now, we decided to make a flower garden together and enjoy the beautiful weather. I put some little bunny figurines in the garden and also little chickens and turtles.

That night we started hearing footsteps again on our front porch. This time I told my husband let's not go out. I was hoping maybe it’d just stop if we just ignore it.

It kept going on for a good while. We also notice it's now pounding loudly on our windows. Okay, we had a candle on the window seal outside. We lit it nightly to keep mosquitoes away. But we hadn't lit it for days. The pounding was getting aggressive after a few days. I look out the window and the candle was lit! My husband and I were surprised to say the least.

So we went outside to investigate and look at the candle. I noticed that my little chicken figurines in the flower garden were turned upside down. The next night, I put an app on my phone that allows me to capture EVPs and video in low light situations.

My husband thought I was crazy and was skeptical about capturing anything. But I starting talking and asking what do you want and who are you? My EVP app was going off in the direction where my husband was standing!

I snapped a picture outside in the dark with my husband posing against the wall. We went inside and reviewed the photo. Amazingly, we saw a dark shadow figure of a man floating behind my husband in old clothes. Now we got proof.

We showed it to family and friends and they agreed something is going on here.

That place crept me out so much. We decided to move. I found out later that someone died on that property in a garage fire a long time ago.

I don’t know if that death is related to the Civil War or is the cause of our hauntings or if it’s the old soldiers still here or maybe, both? What I do know is that strange things happened there that are hard to explain.



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