My family recently moved to a new house due to a job transfer. The new house is about 30-35 years old but it's not in bad condition; it's is still very nice and the only things we really changed were the floors, carpet, wall colors, and windows because they sucked. My room is always the coldest in the house to the point I have to sleep with three extra blankets when it's 85 degrees outside. When the rest of the house feels like a comfortable 65 degrees my room is at the most, 55. I just figured we had a messed up heating system, so I just ignored it. 

For the first few months after moving in nothing really happened and the things that did happen I just brushed off as the wind opening or shutting the door, or my dogs running up and down the stairs. However the things that finally got me wondering didn't happen until quite recently. It first started with my dogs being let out of their kennels when no one was home.

I'm always the first one home and the last one to leave in the morning, so it is my responsibility to lock them up. The first time it happened I thought I just forgot to lock them in, but it kept happening when I knew for a fact that I had locked them in. From there it started to escalate. I would be watching TV and the channel would change when no one was touching the remote and when I tried to change the channel back the remote would stop working. When I would start getting mad and comment why the remote was not working and complain on how stupid the show is that the TV switched to, it would go back to my previous show. 

My dogs began acting very anxious when they are normally very calm and they started hiding under the kitchen table and bark at one spot on the wall. Also at night my siblings and I could hear someone or something walking around in the attic. My parents though it was a raccoon, so they had someone come take a look. He said the attic looked fine and there were no animals hanging out in it, so I was a little freaked out.

Not long after, I would be doing homework alone in the house and I would hear people whispering or little kids laughing. I would also hear the sound of footsteps running up and down the stairs when the dogs would be outside or big heavy footsteps walking around the house that sounded like a grown mans. 

On more than one occasion, I would hear my parents calling me, but when I would ask them what they needed they would say they didn't say anything. Recently everyone began to notice a putrid smell in the living room, like the smell of rotting garbage. We can't figure out where it is coming from and it only is in the living room. I personally, have never seen anything but my brother talks to the little girl in the closet and my mother has seen a young child standing at the end of her bed and when she gets up thinking it is my brother the person is gone.

Also when my father is in the garage grabbing a hammer or getting something out of the freezer he says there is always an older looking gentleman who smiles at him and then disappears. The things that happen I have just come to live with; they are now a part of my everyday life. None of them are violent but that doesn't make them any less creepy.



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