This isn't a ghost story, more a creepy mystery. I used to have an old mobile phone. I remember getting it around 2005/2006 so that should give you some idea of what it was like. It had very limited functionality, like no internet or apps or anything like that. One cool feature at the time was the ability to record long videos and audio though (up to 1 hour if I remember correctly).  

So nothing that creepy went on with my phone. I had it a couple of years without incident and then forgot about it when something better came on the market, but I ended up having to reuse it as a backup phone a couple of years later when my new phone died on me.  

It was during this time, when I'd reverted to using the old phone and I was driving somewhere down the countryside with my dad in late January/early February. I was bored so decided to amuse myself by looking through all the old photos and videos on my phone. I absent-mindedly decided to check the audio files saved on the device and noticed that there were two recordings (one about 45 minutes long and one about 20 minutes long) that had been made during the period my phone had been sitting idle.

My phone had been sitting in the same drawer in my bedroom for over a year, maybe longer, yet there were two recordings made a month or two previously. Again, this wasn't too scary in itself. I started to play the recordings and at first it just sounded staticky. Like if anyone has ever "butt-dialed" you, it was a bit like that.

The thing is the more I listened, the weirder it got. It was a voice whispering something, uninterrupted for the entire recording. There was only one voice, and it was largely indecipherable, but you could pick up the occasional word. The more I listened to it the less it sounded like a "butt-dial" and more like someone whispering frantically into the mic of the phone. Here's the part I really can't explain, though. The more I listened to the recordings the more convinced I got that the voice was mine.

The few words that you could make out sounded like me and I remember being confused but more unsettled when I listened to it. Naturally my dad laughed it off, and nobody else took it that seriously. I don't think about it that much, but I remember getting rid of that phone as soon as I got home.

STORY CREDIT: Luke Conlan | Dublin, Ireland.

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