First of all, I am 55 years old now but have been experiencing paranormal things since I was about 12 years old. I have been hit, scratched, pushed down stairs twice, I have had them touch my hair, sit down on the bed, I have felt them there and I also felt the evil that was present and drastic temperature changes inside.

 I have seen things I have never seen before. I have also experienced my own loved ones that have passed have touched me gently, sat on my pillow at bedtime and showed in so many ways that they are also here with me, which I find so comforting.

I have also recently seen black blob morph into torso, shoulders, arms, then head, it reached out for the wall and turned around and looked at me, although I felt no harm from it, my understanding of this black blob person was a dark entity right here in my home. And I wondered if it made me feel like it was no threat even though it was.

I started praying right away and telling it to get lost, it was not welcome in my home, I bound it and cast it out in Jesus name. I commanded it to leave and said I have power and authority over you, it backed out of the kitchen, have not seen it again. That was just a month and a half ago.

Then about 4 weeks ago, my mom had been in a nursing home for about a month and was under hospice care. I had been out to see her many times during her stay there, every day for that month and one day when I came home I was not myself.

I was very emotional, unlike me, everything that could go wrong was happening with everything I touched for a couple days. I was crying telling my husband how I felt like a black cloud was following me around and dumping on me daily. This was so unlike me as I am a very positive person and believe heavily in the power of positive thinking.

I'm not scared of too much in life and can throw off anything bad by just making a choice. It is a choice whether we have a positive or negative day and I practice this daily in my life, always cheerful, not letting anything ruin my day.

Then I felt it, this heaviness, somehow I knew there was something attached to me and it came from that nursing home. I was in my bedroom on the computer and I heard a growl. I asked god to send his angels to fight for me and I immediately started saying "devil, I bind you and cast you out of me, my husband, our home, I command you to leave now in Jesus name. I have power and authority over you and now I say it daily.

I was angry and I let this spirit know by the tone of my voice. I am a very strong person in life as well as strong with god in my life too. Anyway it left me right away and I felt lighter right away, I felt like my old self right away. I must admit I am fascinated with the paranormal and want to learn all I can and ask god to give me wisdom and knowledge about these things. But I know first-hand that these things can hurt you even though you may not see them, and they can fool you too.

Anyway, that's my story. Thanks, Diana Marcks.

Story Credit: Diana Marcks | Wyoming.

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