The Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine

Richard’s story

The story of an abused and bullied child, the world of psychiatrics would soon term, Shadow Eyes. 

On July 12th 1955, 5:55am, under a blue/moon, an unusual, troubled baby was born. It would not be long before his parents first, and then the others around him soon realized, he was a bit different from his brothers, and all the other boys around him.

He possessed a different kind of nature, setting him aside from the rest... This was a child beyond his years, and child peers, and demanded solace from others. His abuse started very early for him. Richard, would soon be shunned, pushed off onto the lap of psychiatry, by his Christians parents at a very young age for his nature alone. 

The Hidden Tragedies of the CIA's ECT Experiments on Children, in the field of Neuropsychiatries, quietly hidden in Sanatoriums and Asylums across the land

Wednesday, 11 August 2012 10:25 By Dr. Jeffrey S Kaye and HP Albarelli Jr, Truthout From early 1940 to 1969, Dr Ann Stokes Richard’s acting (neuropsychiatries) a Dr. Lauretta Bender, a highly respected in the field child neuropsychiatries practicing at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, and a (affiliate) of Dr. Gallo’s. Dr. Lauretta Benderc experimented extensively with electroshock therapy on children diagnosed with "autistic schizophrenia."

In all, it’s been reported that Dr. Bender administered electroconvulsive therapy to at least 100 or so children, ranging in age from 10 years old to 12 years, with some reports indicating the total may be twice that number.

One source reports that, inclusive of Bender's work, electroconvulsive treatment was used on more than 500 children at Bellevue Hospital from 1942 to 1956. Then in August of 1967, they worked in private on four case files with ECT on a small group of four known homosexual boys, inside the Wood Haven Geriatrics Center briefly for a period of three weeks. They then moved on to St Albans with their madness in tow.

Dr. L. Bender, & Dr Buckman and Dr. Ann Stokes, Richards (neuropsychiatries) were positive in their assumptions, that ECT could possibly reverse or alter the disorder of “homosexuality” back to heterosexual behavior in boys, if treated before puberty set in. She practiced at Creedmoor State Hospital Children's Service from 1956 to 1969. Before her death, Bender was a “confident and dogmatic” woman, who bristled at criticism, oftentimes refused to (acknowledge reality) even when it stood starkly before her, in other words, what an evil Bitch.

August 18th 1967, Richard who had just turned twelve, would be placed into the Wood Haven Geriatrics Center “against his will” for council, well that was the fabrication he was handed. However, in reality, he was part of an elaborate sinister scheme.  

File document for: Wood Haven Geriatrics Center August 18th 1967

Event or Activity: ECT treatment and release of homosexuality behaviors/tendencies during pre-pubic mental growth cycles off site; acting physicians Dr. Buckman Dr. Lauretta Bender Dr Ann Stokes.

Participant: Richard B Rollins 07/12/1955 White/Cherokee hair/brown eyes/green 5/6 87lbs circumcised-no missing teeth- 2/metal fillings - no cuts - no abrasions – no broken long bones.

Blood-type; AB- Vaccines: Polio/TB Given July 5th 1959 Fairfield Ohio mass school inoculations vaccine-1 08/24th1967 WHGC: (Case-file # 08/18/1967-1955.)

Sign in Photo ID

Case-file # 08/18/1967-1955  

August 18th 1967 ECT trial ending on August 25th 1967 Parents Father: 

I Bob Rollins understand that my son’s participation in the above event (ECT) or activity could include actions or tasks, which might be hazardous to the participant named above. 

By signing below, I assume any/all risk of harm or injury, which might occur to the participant due to his/her/my participation in the event or activity. I release the Wood Haven Staff and or said Doctors from all liability, costs and damages, which might arise from my son mentioned above participation in the above named event or activity.  

If the participant is a minor, I agree that the minor has my consent to participate in the ECT event. I further provide my consent for the organization or said WHS Sanatorium staff and or Doctors to seek/perform emergency treatment for the minor if necessary. I agree to accept financial responsibility for the costs related to this emergency treatment.

I understand this is a trail test period of ECT on my son. I am not to discuss or disclose said treatments mentioned between parents and or acting Doctors or said staff involved.  

Sign here if Participant is a Child XXX XXXXXXX 

Participant: Date: August 18th through August 25th 1967  

Sign here if Participant is an Adult O  

Name of Parent or Guardian: Bob Rollins  

Signature of Parent or Guardian: Date: August 18th 1967 XXX XXXXXXX

PHD Dr. Lauretta Bender Dr. Buckman off site.

Note: This legal contract is designed of a general release for liability and is bound by laws governing the state of Kentucky .It may not include all the requirements of your state. You should consult with a legal professional to ensure that all of your medical, legal and financial rights are protected. 


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Wood Haven Geriatrics; Psychologists Psychiatrist case studies WHGC 4th floor treatment room ECT commenced on August 19th threw 23th 24th/25th ECT stopped (18th none.) 1967 on patient; Richard B Rollins 07/12/1955 White/Cherokee/hair-brown/eyes/hazel-green 5/6 87lbs/circumcised./no missing teeth 1/metal filling - no cuts - no abrasions – no broken long bones. Blood-type; AB-Vaccines: Polio/TB Given July 5th 1959 Fairfield Ohio mass school inoculations  

(Case-file # 08/18/1967-1955) Off site; Dr. Lauretta Bender Dr. Buckman Dr. Ann Stokes WHGC; privately conducted/sealed exploration testing. With experimental trail, case studies conducted with ECT conversion therapy on post pre-puberty homosexual boys will begin June 18th 1967 ending September 15th 1967.

Psychology studies, in which a team of psychologists/psychiatrist will use a chosen procedure in a new setting, to obtain results, and in theory assumes that that results would hold, no matter where tested and studied, no matter where the population of trial patients were.

That strategy with ECT attempts the investigator to “assume” that this new theory/concept will interfere with early child hood developing sexual part of (unbalanced brain) of “homosexual boys” post pre-puberty. 

Moreover, we are convinced that ECT will convert these boys back into the mental state of heterosexuality of which they were born.  

WHGC Dr. Ann Stokes acting (neuropsychiatries) _ tried few procedures during one setting on this said "homosexual child" (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955.) before his first ECT- conversion therapy. In order to achieve results that would hold on to this particular boy himself, no matter what the procedure would revel All attempts to force or trick this child Richard in taking, Metrazol, morphine, saline drip, failed at our every attempt.

They were simply unable to get these drugs to his mouth due, all due to odd occurrence when Doctors tried force. The child showed strong aggression, and had given us fare warning do not place any type of chemicals inside his body. -1 inoculation/vaccine given while under etc. restraints 08/21/1967 Conclusive.  

No other boy/child tested, came close to or comparing to the same psychical or mental results as did (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955) No matter how many boys tested, our total population produced were tested the same on each boy/child at same age bracket. Another approach was to try, and research for any mental illness in our test population. The DSM categories for mental illness are the only disease categories in all of medicine that do not take etiology or cause into account.  

Therefore, what that means is that every category today in the DSM-IV, and in the DSM-V, has a heterogeneous etiology. Therefore, the only way to make progress is to collect other psychological and biological evidence, not just reports of symptoms of homosexuality. 

We used the very same tests and patterns on every boy alike, this helped us understand our data. We examined the responses of many pre-puberty Essex boys and all tests came back on each boy/child the same. With the exception of (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955.) We introduced the very same series of unfamiliar stimuli on (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955) like the rest.

When we began the tests on (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955) we did not know/expect that there would be such boys to be so highly sensitive/reactive to such as our tests provided us in the (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955.) He had an extreme rise in his mental/pulse signals.

Staff personal, reported paranormal activity occurred around this child mostly after 3:00am till dusk. After the (incident inside the ECT room) and on the fourth floor with Richard, the Administrator, against Doctors wishes, contacted the Society for Psychical Research, an organization that investigates paranormal happenings from a scientific perspective. They sent two investigators, Guy Lyon Playfair and Maurice Grosse, who come fully equipped with all the latest gadgets and tools of the trade, to examine the evidence and testimonies upon the fourth floor.

After investigating and witnessing a vast array of unexplained phenomena surrounding the child Richard, and the anomalies, sights, sounds, and smells in his vicinity, and his room. The two men were disturbed by a barrage of zipping lights, followed by the sound of a man’s deep-muffled, growling voice, howling at them to, GET OUT…GET OUT…LEAVE HIM…GO FROM CHILD NOW.

In addition, indeed they left faster than they came in. Some thought that someone, or maybe the child was pranking us all along. Nevertheless, that was (impossible for the child) while in restraints, and no way was he able to yell out in such a deep voice, with a rubber mouth guard stuck in his mouth, and kept locked in his room. The child showed up with only a bag of cloths, a toothbrush, and a Mickey Mouse watch.

Whatever the case, some were quite shaken and put-off by the events that took place all that week.  

However, when we examined the low voltage ECT videotapes first of the psychical/responses from Case file# 08/18/1967-1955.) His test has revealed a series of unfamiliar stimuli occurred, unlike any others preformed on any other boys of his age bracket.

We found that child (Case file # 08/18/1967-1955) had a combined pattern of many extreme “quickly executed” responses: (vigorous eye moment, fingers, hands, and limb movement, arching of his back and crying, foaming of the mouth, biting rubber mouth guard in-half, blood seeping from the eyes/ears and nose, violent screams, urination and bowl moments occurred.)

This pattern defines a highly reactive child. The higher voltage of ‘4-sets’ of ECT- abruptly ended on August23 9:35am 1967, when unexplained event had taken place in the treatment room. Then case studied. Trails seemed to have caused (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955.) some added side-affects, rendering him with extreme sensitivity to sunlight, along with inferred light sensitivity, heightened sight, smell, taste, touch, and awareness.

Along with ECT and all other testing were all- inconclusive; as to whether or not, (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955.) Homosexual behavior; was permanently “altered” reverting back over into a normal Heterosexual state of mind, or changed at all if any. 

WHS/ Wood Haven Geriatrics Center. August 25th 1967  

Electromagnetic Spectrum testing results; (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955.) What Richard B Rollins spectrum tests provided to be, was outstanding? He was able to see and observe/identify aura heat fields, in some of the information from the first or etheric body visible next to the skin tests. He explained it to be a bluish, grayish, or whitish field. Weak spots and trauma may show as thinning or swelling in the aura or breaks leaks spurts of energy around the etheric outline of the body’s.

He may as well be able to see information from the second or emotional body, which is often seen as clouds or patterns of multi colored light. Trauma and injuries to his brain in this layer may show up as muddy or loud colors grey fogs black spots and sometimes shapes and symbols are seen in this energy field. Information and damage can be compressed and layered. 

Infrared light; lies between the visible and microwave portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared light has a range of wavelengths, just like visible light has wavelengths that range from red light to violet. "Near infrared" light is closest in wavelength to visible light and "far infrared" is closer to the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The longer, infrared light wavelengths are about the size of a pinhead and the shorter, near infrared ones are the size of cells, or are microscopic.

Infrared waves are thermal. In other words, we experience this type of infrared radiation every day in the form of heat! The heat that we feel from sunlight, a fire, a radiator or a warm sidewalk is infrared.  

Concerning the (changing/dilating/abilities) of Richard B. Rollins green eyes.

1%-2% of the population on Earth have green eye's (typically women.) Green eyes are most common in some parts of Europe (including and especially Iceland, due to pigmentation in the eye and Rayleigh scattering of the light).

In Europe it's between 15%-20% generally, depending on where you are. Green eyes probably also find their roots in areas in and around Germany & Hungary.  

It's not like that's incredibly uncommon though. 2% is still 140,000,000 people throughout the world, so about the population of the entire country of Japan. Also, when considering how many people you interact with each day (especially in urban life) you probably run into a few a day.  

So, you're rare if you have green eyes, that is if you're talking in total percentages, otherwise you're just representative of 1/140,000,000 (.000071%) of all green-eyed persons in the world. 

Now, the more interesting question is: why are green eyes so rare (relative to other colors)?  

Green eyes are somewhat caused by the interactions of multiple mutations in the OCA2 and related genes.  

Many factors can cause such mutations and lead to having green eyes, like your environment.

DNA folding, recombination and other related processes can lead to mutations and/or, ultimately, green eyes.  

Chemicals (like glaucoma medication) can cause green eyes by adjusting the darkness/lightness of your eyes.

Green eyes are more common in places were blue eyes and brown eyed people met, and then evolved, though this is correlation, nothing else is proven. 

The temperature-sensitive nerve endings in our skin can detect the difference between inside body temperature and outside skin temperature. Humans, at normal body temperature, radiate most strongly in the infrared at a wavelength of about 10 microns. (A micron, is the term commonly used in astronomy for a micrometer or one millionth of a meter.)

After (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955.) 4th - ECT, subject was able to see and pick out every item in our inferred spectrum test list, proving us with constant sequences of live or organic, or non- living substance that retained some or no inferred heat of its own. He “aced” our electromagnetic spectrum, inferred light tests.   

In psychiatry, we have disease categories based only on symptoms. That would never occur in cancer, cardiology, or immunology, where you always diagnose on the basis of both the symptoms and the cause. That being said, test subject: (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955.) reveled to us no mental or psychical illness; however, our tests seem to lean towards in, (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955.) having to own (mental stimuli and chart-eristic behaviors) of both male and female couscous thoughts and traits.

A “unisex” freak of nature. All tests came back (conclusive) for this child (Case file# 08/18/1967-1955.) Richard B Rollins. All tests proved. A highly hyperactive sensitive couscous brain showing of high IQ

Sign/out ID picture. 08/25th1967

Case-file # 08/18/1967-1955 Wood Haven Geriatrics Center Psychologists Psychiatrist case studies

Wood Haven Geriatrics Center August 18th-25th acting; Psychiatrist Dr. Lauretta Bender Dr. Buckman Dr. Ann Stokes  

We have found that Richard has very/strong cognitive [inhibition] compared to skeptics. That is the skill, which allows people to quash unwanted thoughts, so perhaps we are all spooked by strange coincidences and patterns from time to time, but skeptics are better at pushing them aside.

Significantly, other tests cases are reported, that paranormal believers also tend to have greater confidence in their decisions, even when they are based on ambiguous information. So once they have latched onto the belief, you might be less likely to let it go, however, not so in Richard B. Rollins case, there is no pulling the wool over this child eyes.  

June 2015. Division of Perceptual Studies, at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, and the paranormal world receives word, that Shadow Eyes IS alive, and (recovering) in Kentucky for now. In addition, the word is spreading. The race is on for the “paranormal investigators” paranormal radio and TV, to get at him in hopes of an “interview” of his stay inside the Wood Haven, over fifty years ago.

Some are hoping to take him back into the Waverly Hills Sanatorium upon the fourth floor where as a child he (endured.) Many are hoping to get him to attend them in their lock-downs and paranormal investigations. Some Doctors want to conduct more studies on him as well.  

Who knows at this point, if in fact anyone will ever reach this man? All attempts have failed at securing an interview with him. Word in the paranormal world is, he will see no one. He has lived his life in the shadows as a recluse because of his extreme empathic sensitive nature. His medical records clearly states; he will never go out into sunlight, or bright light of any kind, because of his sensitivity to light.  

They say he will not connect nor put up with most men folk. Who can blame him after reading his case files? He will not deal with (smoker’s period, drinkers, or drug users.) So let us warn you paranormal smokers, even you put down your cigarettes for a week, a month, he can still smell in in your body, and see it in your skin. Heterosexual males most likely will never get close to him.

If you hunt for sport, if you are a bully by nature, or mistreat your women, or your baby’s, children and animals. You will never get past his clairsentient radar. Heterosexual males do not even try to look into his eyes and think for a split second, you can fool him, for you cannot. He knows most men are simply “animals” and he keeps his distance from them.  

However, “educated,” the kind hearted, those certain types of Heterosexual men, who are good/honest in their couscous (minds and souls,) you without perversions and evil intent, he will accept you on the spot. Then you have a friend for life. He has clashed with everyone one of his current male medical Doctors with “exception” of two. His medical records are quite extensive now.

Doctors look at him as a medical marvel, and want to study him further. He has suffered cardiac-arrest once 2012, and has had two heart attacks. After his cardiac arrest, his heart had stopped for over three hours. Moreover, that time down has made his “clairsentient empathic” nature more---intense. It seems his has become even more sensitive to everything around him.

To be around him now, there has to be many circumstances and habits one must consider when getting close to him. So I am assuming because of all this, in order to get and interview, or to get him to agree to a radio or TV interview, things will have to be taken into account of his sensitivity. We want it bad, and are willing do whatever it takes to get his story, and have him in for some more research and tests if willing.  

The Division of Perceptual Studies, (DOPS) at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine. Founded in 1967 by Dr. Ian Stevenson—originally as the Division of Personality Studies Our mission is “the scientific empirical investigation of phenomena that suggest that currently accepted scientific assumptions and theories about the nature of mind or consciousness, and its relation to matter, may be incomplete. What sorts of “phenomena” qualify? ESP, poltergeists, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, “claimed memories of past lives.”

In 2014, there is a center for paranormal research at a totally legitimate (and respected) American institution of higher learning. DOPS is home to a small group of hardworking, impressively credentialed scientists with minds for stats and figures.   

September 2015 13 University-Sanctioned Paranormal Research Projects: [email protected] All 13; investigating states of consciousness and parapsychology.

The existence of paranormal phenomena is one of those things you’re usually either heartily for or against. In case you’re on the fence about the subject, here’s a list of 13 of the most prominent university sanctioned (and unsanctioned) odysseys into paranormal research, and what they came conclusion too. 

Paranormal Investigators; a-Warning to the Wise; Stay away from Shadow Eyes. Just leave him alone. You greenhorn investigators have NO Idea, with whom, and or the forces you are messing with. Moreover, what this child had to endure with a “barrage” of science field/lab tests as a child. For whatever reasons, (unexplained paranormal-phenomena) had occurred inside the Sanatoriums where he was lock up in, while being pressured, bullied, and sustaining bodily harm.

Many; have been psychically harmed; some lost their lives and minds messing with “forces” they were all ill prepared in dealing with when confronted. 

Fact: in no-way was alias (shadow eyes) is responsible for others mishaps concerning paranormal investigators threw out the years. It is of their own doings, they were the ones harboring evil thoughts, and bringing harm to this child clairsentient. NOTE: For whatever reasons, this clairsentient empathic individual is a Ghost Magnet, a touching stone of sorts. His 60 years of mental/medical records speak volumes of his (endurance and his unusual characteristics.) 

Italian psychiatrist and neurologist, Ugo Cerletti (1867–1963) and Lucio Bini (1908–1964), claimed their ECT apparatus was a “therapeutic advance” and (not a toy from Lucifer) when it arrived on the scene in April 1938. ECT in the past 100 years took the lives of thousands upon thousands of children and adults alike. As rule, (children mostly) “perished” from ECT, do to their young tender, still growing brains. We know of only [ONE] that endured and survived to tell.

We are positive that Ugo Cerletti and his partner in crime Lucio Bini, are (turning on the rotisserie spit) in Hell, over Shadow Eyes endurance concerning their barbaric/sadistic Patented invention, ECT. Leaving both men/women in science and the field of “parapsychology” still standing, scratching their heads and behinds.

Moreover, you are not experts in these fields. Rushing out and buying all the latest paranormal gadgets, then running out in the fields to capture has become a circus. There has been an explosion of TV shows promoting these shenanigans. Furthermore most of you are making a mockery of the paranormal that science have seriously studied for over 90 years.

It is ok to have fun, and bring in TV ratings for fun. However, not a one of us agrees with this fiction approach, nor have any of them brought solid proof to the table of science.  In addition, not a one have provided any real concrete proof of anything, Moreover, these paranormal reality shows, all about drama.

Face Book has become over loaded with paranormal drama. Paranormal groups now squaring off with one another only to cause others run off and form their own little private paranormal groups, committees and what not. Now we have paranormal radio shows who claim to be the real professionals in the field, with their Bully hosts, sitting upon their high thrones, attacking and ridiculing other groups, trashing other paranormal groups, only fueling the drama.

Arguing over who has the better most “expensive” equipment. Alternatively, who has a better paranormal bus or car, sporting the best LOGO, or who took the most authentic picture of a ghost or entity, and shadow. In addition, claiming to know who’s are real, and whose are fake. That is what 98% of you all have turned paranormal in to.

Back in the old days of paranormal research/studies, the only tangible evidence that linked us to any type of paranormal event, was a 50 lb., 12-year-old child named Richard B. Rollins, who “unintentionally” drew-in the entities/ghosts/shadows and orbs from out of every nook and cranny.

The moment he walked through the sanatorium doors. In addition, without a single modern-day gadget. No EMF Meters, Motion Sensors, Infrared Thermometers Ion Counters, Geiger Counters Pen Style IR Thermometers, his one single tool. 

His only tool his [Clairsentient Empathic mind.] Shadows took to him like bees on a flower.

Just do-not claim to be experts in the field of paranormal. Why? There are NO experts with explanations in the field of paranormal phenomena. 

However, there are experts within their gifted-higher-couscous minds, awareness and senses. It is the “living” clairsentient empathic people, you need to seek out and learn from, not the dead that follow them. 

Good Day Ladies & Gentlemen.  

September 1st 2015 10:35 am: Mason D Perry. 

[email protected] 

Our research is mental affects and emotions, and I work exclusively with gifted minds. Our scientific studies have on certain individuals given science credibility for the first time to the notion, that includes the ability to see auras, and the ability to feel other person’s and living things feelings and emotions, way of (clairsentience.)

This emotion is revolutionary and will change what some skeptics think about these children. 

You see, just another research opinion some not all psychic abilities have proven to be a form of synesthesia. Synesthesia is a fascinating neurological condition. People with synesthesia, have a cross-wiring in their brain. This might enable them for instance to “see” sounds or smells, to “hear” colors and to “feel” other people’s feelings.

People with synesthesia see the world in a different way. Furthermore, we are not saying that all clairsentient people have synesthesia. But with time and treatment they learn to use their gift to see the world differently. Many of the world’s greatest artists have been synesthetic. These includes painters David Hockney and Wassily Kandinsky, musicians like Billy Joel, and great inventors such as Nikola Tesla.

According to the University of Granada study, published in the prestigious journal Consciousness and Cognition, clairsentient empathic people, can in fact see auras because of their deep emotional perceptions. Here is a summary of their findings about one of the famous clairsentients healers in the study: My research focuses on the relationship between the deep emotions of clairsentient couscous minds of children/adults, affecting their interaction with the rest of the world. 

This has included morality and emotions, the experience of emotion and affect during interactions with the environment, the mimicry of others’ emotional facial expressions, the experience of disgust, the effects of language on emotion experiences, and how slight changes in our physical (and social) environment influence our emotional state. I use a range of methods to measure depth of emotion and bodily affective state changes: these include lab experiments, surveys, measuring all the senses of the human body.

As well as measuring, physiological changes relating to stress in the environment, their emotion that affect (such as perspiration, cardiac response, skin temperature). 

We also research protocols that are approved by our internal review system. We study Near Death Experiences, small children who report specific, researchable memories of a previous life, and psi activity of those who can affect the physical environment with mental focus. Currently we study only cases where we can hook subjects up to brain wave monitors as they perform their controlled and unusual abilities (such as metal bending etc.)

My number one priority has always been the, clairsentient empathic minds. 

The Positive side of clairsentient children;

Children conceived in the 1950s, “Super Psychic/Clairsentient Children” and we have studied hundreds of thousands of children since 1950, and they are now being studied in various other countries as well. In addition to these more “higher vibration-al labels,” we also include children who have been diagnosed with the more three Dimensional labels of ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Bipolar, OCD, Dyslexia and many others. We find that these multidimensional children with such diagnoses are extremely high vibration-al and often find it more comfortable to exist in the higher dimensions that are filled with more loving energy. 

Have there always been Children like this? For us the answer is yes. In fact, in our lab we just use the term “New Beings” since it encompasses children, teens and adults. Several names come to mind, such as Buddha, Yeshua (Jesus), Gandhi, Einstein, Confucius, Mary Magdalene, Florence Nightingale, Joan of Arc (and numerous other women whose names escape us at this time and of course were never written about in our history books), and countless others who possessed the qualities and energies of these children, teens and adults. Each one child, is shifting the beliefs and lifting the vibration of their generation and generations thereafter. They created the vibration-al space for even more new children to come to Earth. 

Perhaps bringing them into a World that was not yet ready for these higher vibrations, as during those times the majority were still holding onto the old illusions. However, they came in just as others did before them, lifting the vibration of everyone around us just a bit more than the previous generations.

As you can see, these children most definitely includes people of all ages.

Additionally, many of the children, teens and adults (many of us) have come in lifetime after lifetime with these higher vibrations, gifts and capabilities. Many have had lifetimes incarnating into indigenous cultures who knew how to honor nature and all of Mother Earth and nurture all living things, taking only what they required. They were the Shamans, healers, story tellers, medicine men, herbalists and even the oracles.

They honored and were very connected to Mother Earth while knowing and maintaining their connection with their origins and Source Spirit. Unfortunately, most of these cultures have had all their information taken from them by ripping apart their families, villages and tribes. They were forbidden to practice their sacred ceremonies, keeping Earth’s history alive. 

In other lifetimes, because they spoke out, helping others who were wronged and perhaps just because of their differences, were placed in asylums, imprisoned, or harmed in some manner. As you can see, these clairsentient children have been here on Earth since the very beginning and were some of Earth’s original inhabitants. 

Now of course, there have been an increasing number of these children coming to Earth since the beginning of the 20th Century, with an influx arriving in the 1950s, 1960’s. One child in particular, we will discuss later in this report. With the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987 ushering in a new wave of lighter energies that began cleansing the denser layers of the Third Dimensional World, the invitation was sent throughout eternity calling for a greater influx of new children to come and assist us during one of the most unprecedented shifts that has ever occurred.

The higher numbers of these Beings were necessary and are necessary in order to lift the vibration of every individual, every living thing, on this planet beaconing us into the Golden Age. 

Additionally, there have always been astrological events occurring from the beginning of time when one is born, they bring in with them the energies of these cosmic events. As we can see with all the Star-gates, Portals, Comets, Eclipses, Meteor Showers and even the Solar Flares and many other Astrological events that have been so predominant the last few years, they bring in an energetic vibration signature that is unique and significant to each individual who is arriving. Depending upon the date, day and time a person is born also brings in very distinct characteristics.  

A great example is Mark Twain who appeared to understand this and said “I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year (1910), and I expect to go out with it. …” He was in fact correct, making his transition from this reality when Halley’s Comet made its return. Although there can be much overlap with each of these children, there are certain characteristics that emerge with each label. For example, even though Mark was born during the time when the Crystal Children were coming in, he is most assuredly a broad crystalline energy field all round him.

What we will say is that most all of these children, that grow into teens and adults have tremendous gifts, and have come to Earth to help us to remember our innate capabilities. Such gifts include clairaudience, clairvoyance, Clair- empathy, Clair cognizance, Clair-gustance, and Clair-tangency, and the most powerful of all, the [Clairsentient Empathic] minds. They are telepathic, communicate energetically and with their hearts, and have natural healing abilities.

Moreover, because of parents and siblings and outsiders not understanding and criticizing them, they then begin to shut down their awareness and learn to not share their knowledge with others. Many turning away from others, going off living life as hermits, away from humans, many will surround them self’s with animals.

These clairsentient children can see beyond appearances and perceive the truth in all situations and with all people. When another person is not coming from a place of their true self, many of these children will most definitely perceive that and let them know. Unfortunately, many children may act out what the adults around them are not either aware of or truthfully expressing.

This results in the child looking as if it is their problem and thus, the person does not have to look within. As you can see, it is important to teach these aware children the proper tools to assist them in knowing and understanding how to take care of their energy fields so they do not take on the energy of others and how to express themselves in a manner that does not make them the problem.

Additionally; when you see children who are truly involved with everything in nature, the plants, animals and have great compassion for all living things, well you know they have spent time in this Realm. These are the nurturing healing children, who will care for and tend to Mother Earth and every living thing. 

Additionally, since they are very high vibration-al beings, it is important that the food they eat and the environment, in which they live, is of a high vibration. This, meaning foods that are natural, organic, non-GMO, preservative free and an environment free of pesticides and chemicals. 

Many are affected by the EMF’s of technology however, we all know that keeping older children away from computers and other devices is not realistic. Another subject is whether or not your children should receive vaccinations. There are many websites that are available for reading on this subject. 

These clairsentient children have come to share their gifts with us, and reawaken us to better understand, just how important life is on Earth. Are we ready to allow these children to express their true and full potential because in order for them to shine, we must reawaken ourselves to our full potential and you know what that means?

What about all those gifted children who were, “misdiagnosed,” misunderstood; many had been harmed in many ways from bullies, parents and the field of psychiatry. Thousands of these children were pawned off into Asylums or Sanatoriums by their parents? That is what these last few years have been about for us, being aware and digging deep into the depths of our souls and uncovering, healing, transmuting and transcending everything that is not of our highest light.     

Many feel, "not me," one reason paranormal events have not been proven, to tell a few, is because many scientists are (unaware of the research or refuse to take it seriously because) “Clearly many scientists find the claims of parapsychology disturbing.” Causing them to lose sleep at night.

This is a common charge leveled against skeptics and scientists all over the globe: that they refuse to acknowledge the existence of paranormal phenomenon (psychic abilities, ghosts, etc.) because it would somehow challenge or “disturb” their personal view. 

Skeptics and scientists, most will claim, they are deeply personally and professional invested in defending the scientific status quo, and cannot "psychologically" tolerate the idea that they could be wrong. This results in a closed-minded refusal to accept, or even seriously examine, the evidence. My self! Have no problem admitting I am wrong, and that my mind is always open. 

The evidence for psychic powers, like the evidence for anything else, it stands or falls on its own merits. There’s no reason in the world that scientists should fear the unknown, or be afraid to learn more about the world we live in. However, that being said, they do fear the unknown, it is a natural response for humans without awareness, walking the Earth wearing blinders.

Then we found HOUSTON BANE, Alias "Shadow Eyes." Our minds are beginning to open up. It is so hard to believe, he is still standing at 61, after what this child survived.    

Then out of no-where a "Remarkable" story had surfaced and unfolded into the light of our lab. 

In March 2012, we started uncovering a truly remarkable story, one that started from a stroke of luck for me, while reading an article that surfaced in the Huffington Post, concerning a man by the name, Houston B. Rollins, sir name Richard. Mr. Rollins. Born July 12th 1955, 5:55 am, under a blue moon.

Mr. Rollins was admitted into a Lexington hospital suffering a cardiac arrest, which came about while inside the Moundsville Penitentiary, while accompanying a group of paranormal investigators. Mr. Rollins heart had stopped for an astounding 3 ½ hours to the best of everyone’s knowledge involved. It was something as simple as his rare (blood type) that gave his identity away within the field of psychiatrics and medical Doctors first, and then the news hit the ears of the paranormal world. 

After reading this article, I put my research team to work in finding, any, and all information we could legally obtain on this man. In addition, after researching him, we found out who he was as a child, and after reading the Wood Haven case/files and the file from St Albans Sanatorium, it astounded us. [We soon “realized” that we had stumbled upon the holy grail of clairsentient empathic children.]

The very one Jeanne Dixon herself, gave title too as Shadow Eyes back in 1967. The very child, that sent “demonologist” Lorraine and Ed Warren over the edge, grabbing that silly Devil Doll he kept in his museum out of Richard’s hands, and went running for the border with his tale between his legs.     

Let us not forget this incident with Houston B Rollins as well.  

September 1972. The Philip Experiment was an (actual historic research project) first of its kind. And was conducted by Owen group, a Toronto organization in 1972 in an effort to prove that paranormal entities such as demons, spirits, ghost, and poltergeists were manifestations produced by (human minds and their wills alone, through expectation, imagination, and visualization.)

A prominent group of citizens, three men and five women with no interest in the occult, participated in the study, the results of which not only shocked the group but stunned the world. The how and why of The Philip Experiment has never been answered and left many wondering – did the group accidentally summon a demonic or spiritual entity or did they actually create a ghost?

The group founder had invited Houston B Rollins into the group as well. However; upon reading the report, and hearing about what Ed Warren (Demonologist) had to say concerning his experience with the clairsentient emphatic, Houston Bane Rollins.   

It was no secret in the community. The real truth was, after the founder of the group had read all the case/files Ed Warren provided to the group on this teen when he was a child, and of all the paranormal events that took place inside the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and the St Albans Sanatorium concerning the child. The group founders were flat out "terrified' to have Houston involved in their experiment, let alone in the same building as them.

So September 1972, the Toronto organization, paid for his flight back home, and "decided to shut their doors," and NOT allow Houston to be part of that experiment. They later claimed the reason that closed their doors to Houston, was because he was a minor 16 years old at the time. Ahhh Yeaaa Right!!!!!    

This is one of my favorite articles on Houston: 

There was this girl named Erica Fraysure, a beautiful 17-year-old resident of Germantown, KY. Erica, was last seen on October 21, 1997, during the 9pm hour, at the Video-N-Tan in Brooksville, KY. Then in 1998, the cheesy self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne “claimed” to have information about the Erica Fraysure’s case, which she psychically gleaned with her phony psychic abilities. Erica's mother tried to sue Sylvia Browne in a Covington Kentucky Courthouse.

But failed to prove anything. However, some great "Revenge" heading way of Miss Fraysure, Erica’s mother via Shadow Eye's. Houston’s home State Kentucky. Houston, just so happened to be living in Covington within the period of that court case. Houston took the time out of his life and work, made his way to one of the psychic events & meeting in1998 of which Sylvia Browne was scheduled to speak onstage before thousands of people. 

Right before Sylvia was to exit off stage, Houston, alias (Shadow Eyes) had made plans prior too, with the help of people from the James Randi Educational Foundation. When he walked out on stage, all eyes were now zeroed in on this gorgeous Androgynous green eyed man, the one they called Shadow Eye’s.

Decked-out in a black pinstriped suit, black boots, and the most beautiful long dark shiny hair, you will ever see on a man. He floated ever so gracefully towards Sylvia, locked down on her with his glaring green eyes, who by now in a trance of her own.  

Removing her microphone, softly from out of her hands, still locked into her eyes, he then proceeded into (verbally dissecting her, tearing her too shreds,) all over the box of lies, false hope, pain and suffering she had caused Erica Fraysure’s mother, back in Covington Kentucky his home state. He missed not a beat, he did not yell, cuss, or swear at her, his speech eloquent at best, and was packed full of truth, old world knowledge, facts and dead on the mark.

When he was done with her, he carefully placed the microphone back into her hand, quietly walked off stage, leaving behind a flabbergasted woman, with a face, as white as the Ghost she had claimed to see. You could hear a pin drop in that building. In addition, that was the day, Shadow Eye’s, with (out intention) had single handedly with his speech, struck fear in every false and fake psychic threw out the land, becoming every psychic’s worst nightmare.   

Do not misunderstand this Fact. Houston, in no way "claims" to be a Psychic, not a fortune teller, does not read cards, will have nothing to do with The Ouija (/ˈwiːdʒə/ WEE-jə), also known as a spirit board or talking board. He is not a Warlock, despite what many Religious Zealots and Christians have claimed him to be as a child.    

A clairsentient empathic child, that helped give substance, and proof of paranormal activity, when he walked through the Waverly Hills Sanatorium and the St Albans front doors on August 18th 1967, as a 12year old child. This story has taken us by storm in the science lab, as it has in many other fields. It has taken over all our feelings, and emotions; and in 2015 taking our core belief systems to a much higher Plato, giving our hard work and research of 50 years validation. 

Furthermore, we are truly grateful to have stumbled upon this paranormal Gem. We hit the research button on this one. We feel fortunate enough to have found the few seniors having the right resources, which hold valuable information on this man’s life as a child, way of his 1950s and 1960s case/files and court documents. Explaining just what he endured as a child with ECT, and countless various lab tests, his endurance with bullies, molesters, and let us not forget his pain of being a banded as a child.

However, most importantly to the field of science, the paranormal activity and events that surrounded this child while in distress. It appeared entities seemed to help him when in danger, and guiding him along his way. Fate has placed him into the space of our life long research, and in our original essence. We all feel, and sympathize in that Mr. Rollins having much difficulty being here on Earth.

Because of the very depth of his clairsentient mind, because, he is already in the high dimensions and the energies way of his deep Clairsentience couscous mind, here on Earth we are not in tune and loving enough for him to feel comfortable in his physical body.

And that is the very reason he has lived his entire life alone and in solitude. 

Most astounding of all, Mr. Rollins signed and handed over to us, threw a 3rd party, his 1950 and 1967, Wood Haven Geriatrics Center mental/psychical evaluations case files, his court case file, along with his recent 2014 hospital medical records. After my staff and I sat down and read through every page, word for word of his 60 years of life, and what the Doctors in the name of science had done to his little body, and what he has gone through and survived. Has not only terrified, sickened, and infuriated us, leaving us scratching our heads in disbelief and amazement.   

All (Houston B Rollins) medical records clearly show that in fact he (did not suffer) from such things as ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperser’s, Bipolar, OCD, Dyslexia or any other mental illness of the mind as a child. As a child Richard was assigned a label, with his 2Spriteded nature, and his clairsentience empathic personality. However, it was his label as a “homosexual” child [alone] that landed him in the lap of psychiatry, and furthermore is what placed this child smack dab in the guts of the sanatorium.

However with all that said and done. After his 1st cardiac arrest, his Clairsentient Empathetic couscous mind, deepened even further. Just like it did when Richard was 12 years old. From what his case files states, after his 2nd ECT, everyone around him, noticed a big change in the child, all is senses had heightened, and intensified. In addition, so did the paranormal activity around him, and threw out the WHGC that very day.

Moreover, it got so out of hand for his Doctors and staff, Richard was thrown out of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium ASP, and right into the lap of another, the St Albans Sanatorium in Virginia, and after just 26 hours or paranormal events inside the St Albans, they followed suite by, throwing this child out on his ass.  

When Richard was a baby and when anyone holding him, if he sensed someone in either physical or emotional pain even if it was a stranger, he would put out his tiny hand facing them sending out the loving healing energy. And on the flip side, if they wished him harm, or had bad intentions or feelings directed at him, he withdrew, shut down, and quietly moved far away from them as possible.

When others tried to bring bodily harm to him, shadows would move in and out, causing a distraction while Richard slowly withdrew and left. It was only when Richard was cornered and trapped, would chaos break out for the perpetrator.    

Additionally, he was extremely aware, and often times as a baby toddler and child, he did not know how to manage his clairsentient abilities until he matured with age. We cannot express enough the importance of acknowledging and allowing our children’s awareness’s and giving them the proper tools so they can properly manage their gifts and not take on the energies of everyone in the World. 

Many of these children can see the auras and energetic fields around people. Many also perceive non-physical presences. When Richard began speaking at age two/three, he told his parents about the shadows, and the hues of colors that illuminated off their bodies. About the Beings such as Angels, Star Visitors and various sizes of shadows that he was seeing around himself and others. Richard also shared with women and teens about their pregnancy before they even knew, and if they were ill, or had cancer in their bodies.  

However, it was dismissed by his parents and others, as the mumblings of an unstable mind. When Richard was young, his Christian parents and their Church “misunderstood” Richard’s clairsentience for being (evil powers stemming from Satan.) Richard would say that his non-physical visitors were more “real” than most of the people on Earth. Most were always honest and loving.

However, he withdrew and “warned” the evil ones, seem to stem form other places. Many times adults and others look at these children in disbelief and misunderstanding them, then unfortunately, these gifted children withdraw and close them self’s off from others.

They can see beyond appearances and perceive the truth in all situations and with all people. When another person is not coming from a place of their true self, Richard will most definitely perceive that and let them know. Unfortunately, many children may act out what the adults around them are not either aware of or truthfully expressing. This results in the child looking as if it is their problem and thus, the person does not have to look within.   

When he was just a boy, he would actually stand in front of his parents, schoolteachers or others who perhaps was not in expression of their true self, or being honest with their story and intentions towards him, and he would just stand back, and confront them with their distortions. This could be anywhere a playgroup, the market, restaurant you name it. Richard claimed that most all humans around him were sleepwalking threw life, and that was the best way he could make them more aware.

However, in the end, it did him no good.  

However, his parents explained that if he is the one acting out, then he becomes the problem, and he must be, dealt with properly. In addition, this was why, Richard ended up inside the WHGC. Moreover, why he pulled back from, the man and woman that gave him life. However, in reality, it was his Christian parents that removed them self’s from this child mentally and emotionally first as a child.

Many have stated that, his parents as well; when others would get to close to Richard face, he would gaze deep into your eyes, locking down on you with is green eyes, he would stare quite intently, in fact he was looking into the depths of their souls. Many staff members and Doctors with after meeting Richard once, would at all cost look away, avoiding his intense glare, it seemed very few dare try to stare him down. Additionally, he clearly understood their intentions towards him, and had them all figured out within seconds.  

As you can see, it is important to teach these clairsentient children the proper tools to assist them in knowing and understanding how to take care of their energy fields so they do not take on the energy of others and how to express themselves in a manner that does not make them the problem. We have many exercises to help our aware children and us on our website under tools and techniques.   

September 12th 1966.

Dr. Lauretta Bender, a highly respected Doctor in the field child (neuropsychiatries) practicing at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, and her affiliate Dr. Buckman were the first of many neuropsychiatries, and psychiatrist that would soon diagnose Richard as a being an (extreme clairsentient empathic child) one of a kind, standing out from all other studied case files.   

In addition, the grade school records would tell the story.

Because of this infirmity, Richard’s childhood school days would become his hell-grounds. It would be Richard’s very first day of elementary school, at Ann Bailey Elementary, in Charleston West Virginia, where here his classmates and teachers would “notice” the minute Richard walked through the classroom doors of his infirmities.

You could hear a pin drop when he walked through the classroom doors. Every child in that classroom, stopped and starred, at the big green-eyed boy with the dark glassy hair, that seemed to float to his seat in the very back corner of the classroom. Richard’s new classmates had no Idea how to react to this odd timid child. However, three boys in particular would soon find out, this quite timid boy when cornered was a force to be reckoned with.   

That first day of school would be the first time Richard experienced some of the negative side effects of being a clairsentient empathic child. When Richard walked into his classroom, right away he grew tried, drained of his energy levels. Richard was like a sponge and was absorbing every child’s emotions and feeling all at once. If they were sick or hurt, he knew it.

The schools long fluorescent tube lighting was causing him instant headaches. Sunlight was not his friend as well. Bright light was very hard on this eyes.   

It would be lunchtime when three boys would soon learn to leave this quite child alone. Richard had stayed behind in his classroom to eat alone, then walks in his first experience with school bullies. The bullies started calling him names, one of the boy’s grabbed Richard’s sandwich from out of his hands and threw it in the garbage can. The three bullies kept up with their taunts towards this little shy boy. It was not until the bigger boy (slapped and then spit milk) in Richard’s face, when all hell broke loss in that classroom.   

Richard, in a split second, jumped on top of that boy, bit into her ear, and scratched his eyes causing them to bleed. Put the boy in a leg lock until he passed out. The other two bullies jumped in, and begin kicking Richard in the head and back, while Richard was laying on the floor with Billy in a head lock. It was in that moment when books started flying off the book shelf’s hitting the two bullies in the head.

Then the entire row of bookshelves started falling on top of the bullies, penning all three down. At that point was when the teacher come running in. Richard was sent to the Principal office, and then later he was sent home from school for fighting. This would be a constant for Richard until he graduated high school. Most humans have built in magnesium’s in our brains to help us adjust quickly to bad events we see.

Millions of people can see a dog/cat getting hit by a car and cringe and feel bad, and move on with their day. Something like that for Houston, will put him down in bed to recover.  

Negative side for clairsentient empathetic children.

Houston B. Rollins for example: Sleep clinic records; show him to be a master at [thought transference] with animals, some humans as well. However, because of his deep “clairsentient sensitivity,” he suffers a barrage of daily issues with many things. Like for instance, the Sun. He has to avoid sunlight especially now, bright light in general, sounds, smells.

Some smells can cause him to puke. He must avoid crowds; even small ones, avoid concerts, football and baseball games, and shopping malls. Cannot get on a public bus, or in a taxi with others on board. Mr. Rollins goes out at night to shop in stores that remain open 24 hours. He has lived a life alone, most of his life has been living in a country setting.

Life in a city is impossible. BTW, not one hypnotists has ever been successful at hypnotizing Houston as a child or adult.  

Mr. Rollins must avoid the news on TV. The pain of the world is on his shoulders, and in his face, having nowhere to hide. If Houston happens to sees a little child or animal on TV being hurt or murdered, he goes down into bed for days.

It was reported, by a close writer/editor friend of his recently, that when ISIS started beheading Christians and filming the toddlers and children, it was then up loaded onto YouTube unedited for the world to see. Houston’s friend was doing a thesis on the subject, and wanted Houston to see the video and give his opinion on it.   

Before Houston even tried to watch the beheadings shown to him, and when his eye caught the ISIS man holding the sword up high, Houston (fainted at the thought of what was about to happen) to the little child the men had pinned to the ground. Houston was then carried, placed into his bed where he remained, for six days and nights, in a deep coma like sleep just over the thought of that beheading.

This type of sleep pattern was a constant for Houston for his entire life. It is his way of repairing and healing his consciousness of terrible atrocities, he has witness too. It took him that long to mead his mind of that evil atrocity.   

He is able to see/smell/feel/taste in his 3-D realm sleep, current events that are going down all over the world will confront and haunt him in his sleep. 

Upon awaking, it takes him hours each morning, sitting on the edge of his bed (weeping usually) to recover from these vivid 3-D nightmares of his. Just like the animals, Houston can sense when the earths tectonic plates are shifting, and when the beginnings of quakes are on the move, tsunamis are forming and on the move.   

July 12th 5:55am, 1955 Born on under a full blue Moon Houston is a moon-child he is greatly affected by solar activity, the moon has serious effects on him and his body. The oceans waters affect him greatly as well. He just knows the health of the oceans by pure instinct. In addition, why so many sea mammals beach themselves in 2015, when they seem so healthy on the outside.  

In addition, I must say, after reading one of Houston’s articles and his theories on Dark Matter in space, describing in intricate detail, what dark matter is made of, how it was triggered, and the sole purpose of it. Also, reading up on his descriptors of the many species of life forms, their intake as far as food and fluids they utilize, sex, reproduction, even down to the types of virus and bacteria living in these aliens species threw out the solar systems is mind blowing, putting Steven King in the corner.

You think the Alien knock offs, in the movie Alien with Sigourney Weaver were terrifying. We are better off by not knowing of these life forms.  

We are convinced; Houston B Rollins is possibly the most powerful Clairsentient Empathic mind living on earth right now in this century. Not one scientist on Earth, not even Steven Hawking, has figured out just what Dark Matter is. Life on Earth must be hard on people like this. The reason Houston as lived a life alone.   

And lastly; worse of all for extreme clairsentient minds. A subject matter that we would like to discuss is about paranormal entities. Especially negative and good entities which will follow and manifest for the stronger clairsentient children for whatever reasons. Most clairsentient children do not fare well with the paranormal.

This subject matter is avoided at all costs by most of these clairsentient children, and will remain quite, and will not speaking about it to others. Science is still starching their heads and studying the paranormal with what they have to work with.   

However, it really needs to be understood, reason being so many of the clairsentient children are affected by these not so pleasant entities. Moreover, the fact is, there is nothing any Doctor or man of science can do to change this way of life for these children.

It is there way of life, their cross to bear. We especially see these negative entities at schools where they enjoy hanging out because of the innocent children make good targets. Unfortunately, what happens is that these negative entities can be bothersome for the clairsentient children who can see them or sense them in anyway.

In addition, it is up to the individual clairsentient child, to be able to sort out the difference between the evil from the good for them self’s, so that they can try to go through life without going insane along the way. Furthermore, they seem to be expert at doing just that. 

Before I take my last breath, I want to know these things.

1. Why is man/kind unable to control his Aggression?

2. What is Dark Matter? 3. When will they come, if ever, what fuels them, what do they look like, what do they want or need from us and our earth? 4. What part of the human body do our souls exit out from, what happens to our souls, were do our souls go when our bodies END? 

After 65 years of research, the closest I have gotten to any of these questions. A child they called Shadow Eyes, the most notorious Clairsentient Empathic couscous mind ever conceived. Many of us in the field of science, (summarize) that perhaps maybe his mother’s womb may have been tampered with, as far as in-fertilization went for this single egg. His Mother’s blood type, A+, his Fathers blood type, O+. 

And Shadow Eyes medical records states => (AB negative) someone in science/medicines’ explain that one. I sure cannot. For we are O+ it was NOT the milkman.

About Shadow Eye's green eyes.

1%-2% of the population on Earth have green eye's (typically women.) Green eyes are most common in some parts of Europe (including and especially Iceland, due to pigmentation in the eye and Rayleigh scattering of the light). In Europe it's between 15%-20% generally, depending on where you are. Green eyes probably also find their roots in areas in and around Germany & Hungary.

It's not like that's incredibly uncommon though. 2% is still 140,000,000 people throughout the world, so about the population of the entire country of Japan. Also, when considering how many people you interact with each day (especially in urban life) you probably run into a few a day.  

So, you're rare if you have green eyes, that is if you're talking in total percentages, otherwise you're just representative of 1/140,000,000 (.000071%) of all green-eyed persons in the world. 

Now, the more interesting question is: why are green eyes so rare (relative to other colors)? 

Green eyes are somewhat caused by the interactions of multiple mutations in the OCA2 and related genes.

Many factors can cause such mutations and lead to having green eyes, like your environment. DNA folding, recombination and other related processes can lead to mutations and/or, ultimately, green eyes.

Chemicals (like glaucoma medication) can cause green eyes by adjusting the darkness/lightness of your eyes.

Green eyes are more common in places were blue eyes and brown eyed people met, and then evolved, though this is correlation, nothing else is proven.     

Houston has clearly earned the title, that Respected scientists with credibility in Parapsychological Research have given him 2015.


PATRIARCH of PARANORMAL: One who rules by Old World Beginnings-Knowledge-Perception-Endurance-Reason-Experience-Age     

ARTICLE CREDIT: Mason D. Perry PhD. Doctorate in Research Science, Explorer

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