When I was in college a few friends and I went into an old abandoned hotel. There was an open window at the top of the fire escape, so it was practically begging us to go exploring. We were all really excited to find a new place to explore.

We looked around for a while and when we went onto the fourth floor we went into a room that had pennies spread wall to wall all evenly spaced, all heads up, and all turned the same direction. It was really creepy.

Nobody else wanted to look any further, but I went into the bathroom and saw what looked like blood smeared all over the walls and filling the bathtub. I turned around and asked if anyone else saw it. Nobody else was in the room. When I turned back around to look again it was all gone.

I said that that place was definitely haunted and we should leave. When we were walking out, a light at the end of the hallway coming from around the corner caught my eye and I said that I wanted to go check it out.

We were all walking down the hall when everyone else stopped dead in their tracks. I asked them what was wrong? They asked me if I didn't hear that sound? I said that I didn't hear anything. They asked if I was sure that I didn't hear that screaming and a pounding sound coming from the stairwell.

I said that they were crazy and I didn't hear anything. They stayed there and I went to see what the light was. When I looked around the corner it disappeared and nobody was down the hall. It was extremely creepy. Several years later I found out that there's a reason why we saw what we did.

In 1958, there were two people who were on a class trip and stayed back for the night. The cheapest hotel was the pioneer hotel and the cheapest room was on the fourth floor. The maid found them the next morning hanging just inside of their doorway.

Nobody saw anything and there wasn't even a shred of evidence. Before the investigation was completed another guy was passing through town and got a flat tire. He found a place to get it fixed, but they were going to take a while. He had to stay the night and again the cheapest place to stay was the pioneer hotel in that same room.

The maid found him too and fainted because it was so gruesome. The investigation ended with the same result, no evidence and nobody saw anyone. The hotel was closed shortly after. There were three more deaths in the hotel since and they were all teenagers exploring the 'haunted hotel.' Two boys looked like they were thrown down the stairs but every bone in their bodies were broken. The other death was a perfectly healthy girl who died of a heart attack.

The mystery still goes unsolved.

Story Credit: Brandon D.| Austin, Texas


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