The Seven Faces

I am a Filipino. I am also an avid fan of ghosts and creepy-pastas and I usually have a lot of stories...but this example was one connection to my life. I am 14 years old and two years ago something happened to me which scares me s*itless to this day.

I also have a third eye and I once had an imaginary friend. My mom told me she knew I had one. It lives in my tree but I don't see him nowadays. Going back two years ago, in the Summer, I was in Baguio, the most haunted place in the Philippines...well known for its haunted cadet school,roads and etc.

it is also the home of the Diplomat hotel. This hotel closed in 1987 after its owner, a English, it is a shaman passed away but the hotel has a really dark history.

It was a garrison of Japanese soldiers and a lot of women and children were executed. I am an expert in history and a war addict, so I know what weapons they used  such as katanas and Arisakas etc.

So I went in the hotel, took a lot of photos on my iPad mini...from the details to the symbolic fountain in the center of the abandoned but currently under renovation hotel. Eventually, this photo was the most peculiar. I took at a staircase which is currently under renovation.

There were seven disembodied faces in the photo...they have a slightly blue hue.  On each face, one of them looked distressed, one of them looked serious.

I went back home to our cottage hotel, it turns out the whole complex is haunted with stories of shaking beds, faceless children and headless Japanese or American soldiers have been reported in the area.

One of my mom's colleagues stayed there...apparently she saw a little girl in the kitchen crying, only for the girl to disappear. To make things worse, someone was shaking her bed while she was asleep.

Here is my personal part the next day, I got terribly sick and vomited a strange green fluid so I asked a friend of mine who is a paranormal expert like me what the green fluid was, it turns out it was part of my life energy taken out of my body.

At this point, I was scared sh*tless and just after putting the phone down, my mom told me to delete the photo of the seven faces because a friend who is a priest said to delete the photo because I will be followed.

I deleted it..Just after my mom told me to delete it my fever disappeared I felt better and I was told to pray everyday so far nothing happened to us since.

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