The Shade That Follows ME

Hi my name is E V I'm forty years old, I have had many odd things happen to me or around me in my life so far, This story is one of them. I see Shades around ME on a nightly basis at times all they do most of the time is watch me.

But there is One Shade that follows me everywhere I go it seems at times. It's form is bigger than the others I see, It is over 6ft in height.It's form is a bit more solid than the others at certain times as well, Like when I'm tired or rundown sick etc.

I was at my best mates place in 2014, We will call him ( Q ). I was staying at Q's a lot as I help his dad do renovation on Q's house. I hadn't been sleeping well at the time, That is nothing new for me. I have a habit of not turning lights on and do a lot of things in the dark or the ambient light of the room I'm in.

I was sitting at Q's computer one night...the computer is in a room just off the kitchen, You can see into the kitchen, The fridge is on the left and to the left of it after you pass it is a door to the hall then front door.

If you look from the fridge there is another door across the dining room that goes to the bathroom and bedrooms. It was late around 2-3am and Q was in bed, I was watching a doco on his computer about Bush survival as I like to go camping when I can.

The whole time I had the feeling of being watched. All the lights were off but the computer screen lit up the room I was in, plus the entry part of the kitchen. 

I got up and went about seven steps or so to the fridge to get a drink.  Just as I got to the fridge I had that cold feeling of being watched with evil eyes so strongly I looked, towards the door across the dining area at the other end of the room, towards the bedroom end. 

The door was partly opened and darker at that end of the kitchen dining area.

I seen the door sway open all the way on it's own so it seemed, I froze, As I look into the darkness there It was. The Shade formed from the darkness It seamed. Through the opened doorway it came hovering towards me, I was standing staring at IT in the darkness at the fridge.

I'm not scared of them most of the time, But this time felt different. As It got to me, It hip and shouldered me in my right side.

I felt the physical force of It and It almost spun me half a step, I moved back a few steps into the light of the computer screen in the adjoining room. My right side went numb from the blow and the hairs on my right side from my shoulder to my ankle were standing up like it was ( 0 degrees ).

The Shade moved in just before the light of the computer screen in the other room touched It, We were looking at each other it seamed. I can't make out a face of any of the shades when I see them, but this time I could almost see a mouth and it looked like it was smiling at me saying, (I got you).

Then the Shade after what felt like minutes to me but was probably seconds of me staring at it from the light in the other room, The Shade just faded back into the darkness of the room and was gone, I turned the light on just to be safe at that point.

It took an hour before I could feel the chill go from my right side and get the feeling back in my arm.  It's the first and only time ( So far ) I have been physically touched by, the Shade that follows me.

Story credit: E V, Victoria.


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