The Shadow on the Wall

Like most kids growing up, I had a bedtime and had to be in bed by eight thirty and in some cases if I behaved good, at nine. I was around six or seven years old when this happened and it was bedtime already.

I remember not being sleepy and just listening to my mom and dad talking and watching TV in the living room. When I was this age, I lived in a small one bed one bath apartment with my parents so the living room was next to the bedroom.

As I heard my parents in the living room, the wall across my bed was really bright due to the light outside the window that lit up the stairs. I was about to get up to go to the bathroom when this shadow thing morphed into a human shape and just stood there.

It wasn't see through and it was not moving, it just stood there. No one could be in the room since I am an only child and lived only with my mom and dad who were in the living room watching TV.

No one was outside the window and if there was, they would have to be tall as hell since it was a two story building. All of these thoughts were going through my head and I covered my self with my blankets and peaked every ten seconds or so.

Still there! At this point I was praying and it didn't even work. The shadow didn't give off a bad vibe but I was still scared. Finally after 30-40 seconds later it was gone. Even if it was gone I covered myself completely in my blankets and prayed.

Soon, I fell asleep and morning came. I didn't tell anything to my parents, especially my dad since he didn't believe in ghosts. Later on during the day my mom lit a candle and I asked what it was for and she said that it was her father's (my grandpa's) anniversary of his death.

After looking at a picture of him for the first time and knowing it was him, the way he stood reminded me of theshadow I saw. It sent chills down my spine.

Years later (now I am 18 and live with my mom, parents separated when I was 9) I told my mom and she was shocked since a similar thing happened to my favorite older cousin but I'll save that for a different story.

Maybe it was my grandpa visiting me. I can't say I never believed in ghosts since I always believed in them due to my family telling me all of their experiences and so, now I research the paranormal and visit haunted locations to see if I can make contact, so far it's been going good. Happy Hauntings everyone!

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