The Skin Man

The Skin Man

This story takes place roughly 5 years ago in 2010. It’s a very true and quite scary paranormal experience. I was sitting at the computer this particular day.

Since we had just gotten a new gaming computer, I was at the computer often. Normally, when I’m into a game, there is no getting my attention.

I was deep into a Multiplayer game of Team Fortress 2 and forgot time or even that other people existed.

As I focused on the screen, I begin to notice the reflection in the background. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a window with the sun shining through and a plant to the right of the window on a stand.

I continue my intense game of Capture the Flag in TF2 until I notice “it”.  In the reflection, I seen what looked like a tall, lanky, dark figure standing there watching me.

To describe more clearly, this “apparition” was tall, black and wearing what looked like human skin. I could tell it was Male.

Now I have no idea what human skin being worn really looks like, but this ghost, demon, apparition or whatever it was, was definitely wearing some type of skin as its clothing.

I turned quickly right as I noticed I was looking at something not previously there moments before (I died in TF2 by the way). As with most any ghost story, the ghost was not there upon inspection.

Hey, maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me?

Definitely not. I go back to my game, keeping the reflection behind me the main focus. Soon after, I kind of forget what I’ve “seen” and begin a hardcore run towards the enemy flag…that is until, “it” was spotted again.

This time however, it was a few feet closer and produced a decaying smell of death? That’s the best I can describe the smell of this foul, evil demon thing. It just smelled like I was surrounded by death and decay.

Its face was “there”…I quote there because the more I focus on its face, the less it made sense.

It had similar facial features as we humans do but it seemed to have a large hole in its forehead with a strange red glow emitting from it.

Oh yeah, its face vibrated slightly and sort of changed shape near the jaw bone. It had no facial expression and didn’t move otherwise.

No, I’m not making this up. I wish I could trick myself into believing this is all false, but the sudden smell as it appeared the 2nd time told me, I’m not seeing things.

I turn this time and actually witnessed this thing sink down into the floor below. Leaving no trace that it was even there…other than the smell. The smell that I will never forget.

That was the first and only encounter thus far that I’ve had with “Skin Man”. Was Skin Man just passing through or did it mark me or my family?

What can I do to further protect myself? I bring this up because other strange happenings have been going on recently. Nowhere near bizarre as this experience but something is definitely going on.  Is Skin Man going to return?

Thanks for reading.

Story credit: Mark C, West Virginia.

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