The Spirits That Changed Our Lives

First off, I want to say thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say about my personal experiences. Here's a couple stories of my experiences while being a paranormal investigator.

There will also be a Youtube link provided at the end containing some pictures and EVPs I have captured...some of the strangest things that have happened to me was when I first started ghost hunting, I was in my old apartment, and only my brother and I were home.

He was sitting in the kitchen as I was sitting on the sofa in the living room, I was recording with my digital recorder in hopes of maybe capturing something. When I reviewed the audio I heard a female voice, clear as day, saying "someone... please... help me..." it was 2 minutes and 12 seconds into the recording.

At the time it absolutely blew my mind, considering the fact that only two men were home, and that none of us heard anything during the duration of my investigation. Also when I conduct my investigations I state out loud if I hear anything such as coughing, someone talking, traffic, etc.

One time on a road called Rainbow Road near Cuba Road off of Route 14. (Barrington, IL) My sister, friends, and I went ghost hunting because there has been quite a few stories of paranormal encounters there. After ghost hunting near an abandoned mansion we decided to leave, but when we got inside the car and started it up, nothing on the dash would work.

None of the gauges worked, neither did the radio or the lights. By the time we got back to the main road (Route 14) they began to work.

Another time with the same group of people, we decided to investigate a cemetery named Memory Gardens Cemetery (I Believe near Arlington Heights, IL) I was sitting in the front seat and my friend was in the drivers seat, and then my sister and a couple more people were sitting in the back.

During the investigation it was raining and thundering, which is excellent if you want an increase of activity. (I, including a few others, often believe that a spirit could gather his/her energy from natural resources...such as rivers, creaks, and streams, lightning, and I believe even Limestone).

I was recording with my digital recorder as the people in back were playing with a Ouija Board. I don't recall catching any EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) that night, but since it was raining the windows began to get rather foggy.

20-25 minutes pass by before my friend notices that child hand prints are appearing on the window before her eyes, she pointed them out to everyone and we all witnessed them to appear even more so. At that time we decided to leave.

One time I was at my aunts house, she lives in an older home that was built during the 1920's but then someone added more to the home during the 70's. There has been one death in that house, an older lady passed away due to natural causes.

Well my cousin and I were sitting out back late at night, it was probably around 12:30am or 1. We were sitting their quietly as she had her cigarette when all of the sudden we heard a lady groan very loudly, as if she was standing right beside us, and right after her loud groan there was a loud bang on the glass table that we were sitting at.

It frightened the sh*t out of us. Another time, with the same group of people I mentioned earlier, we were ghost hunting at a cemetery right beside Paddock Elementary School in Palatine, IL (In case you wanted to Google Map it) It was late at night, there was also lightning again too.

My sister and friends were sitting right in the center of the cemetery playing with the Ouija Board as I stood nearby them recording with my digital recorder.

As the lightning would flash I would see someone in a black cloak standing behind a tombstone, watching us. I couldn't make out any facial features or anything, it was just a black silhouette of someone in a cloak with the hood over his/her/its head.

The people playing with the Ouija Board asked if there was anyone who wanted to harm us, it answered "Yes" then they asked if we should leave, and again, the Planchette moved to "yes" so we listened and we left.

When we got home, I was lying in my bed listening to the audio to see if we had gotten anything. We did, and I wish we didn't. A few minutes into the recording I heard loud, and very angry growling. But it wasn't coming from only one entity, there were multiple entities growling.

I personally believe that it was something demonic, and I do believe that they wanted to cause harm to us. That's what they do, they're seeking the ruin of souls. After a few years of ghost hunting, a demonic entity decided to follow my sister and I.

I will cut some of the story short, in 2011 I moved to Arizona, I came back to IL a few months later to live with my mom and step dad. A few months after that my sister came to live with us too. 

Well after my sister settled in a few strange things began happening. (My sisters bed was placed in the living room because we were short one room, and the living room and kitchen were attached so it was pretty much one large room).

When my sister would lay in bed at night, she would notice a child peeking at her from the hallway, then quickly pull back. She would often see the child hiding behind the kitchen table and then roll into the ground so she couldn't see him/it.

(The reason I say "it" is because it could've possibly been a demon. Demons often portray themselves as something trustworthy and honest to gain peoples trust, and what's more trusting than an innocent child?) That's how they gain access, and then eventually oppress, then possess peoples lives.

For me, I would often hear a lady quietly whispering "hey..hey..hey..hey..hey.." in my bedroom late at night, it often kept me up till morning.

I remember one time I got up around 4am to go into the kitchen to get a drink, but when I entered the kitchen I noticed a black mass in the shape of a man standing right beside my sisters dresser in the hallway, facing my sisters bed with its arms stretched out towards her.

It stood around 6ft tall (which is actually how tall I am) I kind of did a double take and then it was no longer there. small events would eventually follow, leading up to a big event that scared my sister away for hours until she had to go to work.

I went into Chicago with my mom for a Dr. appointment, while we were there my sister called my mom, crying hysterically. It turns out that as my sister was exercising on the treadmill, she looked to the left of her and saw a massive black cloud floating in the kitchen.

She completely stopped ghost hunting ever since then. Those are the strangest things that have ever happened to me. I hope you enjoyed reading them, and I'm sorry they were so long! 

I know a lot of people try to conjure up and create fake evidence of the existence of the paranormal, that's why I'm trying hard to share something that is 100% genuine. here's the link for the YouTube Video (Headphones recommended).

Story credit: Nolan Duffy, Illinois 


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