The Stuffed Dog

The Stuffed Dog

My family was doing rennovations in our house. Due to this, we had to pack up our stuff and everything was all over the place. We had put our stuffed animals and other various items in a plastic bag and put it in the basement.

When the rennovations were over, we were putting everything back into place. My sister couldn't find one of her stuffed dogs that was given to her by her best friend.

Since it meant a lot to her, for the next 3 weeks she was looking for it. We looked everywhere we could. One day my sister came downstairs from her room and asked my mom to help her look for the stuffed animal once more.

Frustrated, my mom said that we arent going to be able to find it and to just forget about it. My sister went back upstairs and she saw the stuffed dog sat on her bed. 

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