The Tall Dark Shadow Figure

When I was 11 years old I lived with my Dad and Step Mom over near Killeen Texas, pretty boring place. The house we lived at was a military housing facility and all the other houses pretty much looked the same as ours.

Anyhow, one night around 2 AM, I wake up to go to the bathroom. I was already afraid of the dark even at that age but wasn’t allowed to turn on the hallway light and wake my brother up. We had a very long hallway and his room was all the way to the left.

Now he was 4 at the time and didn’t like his door closed, thus it was always open. Not allowed to turn on the lights, I walk out of my room slowly and look down the hallways since I was scared walking out in the dark.

I look to the right and then to the left, and just stare at my brother’s open door. I was pretty sure I was seeing things since I had turned on my light just before turning it off to go to the bathroom, and thought I saw something standing there.

I ignored my vision and ran quickly to the bathroom like my life depended on it. Now in the bathroom, I don’t need a light because of the small plug in, in the wall and don’t bother turning the switch on. When I’m done, I again do my routine and look down the hallways and still feel like something is standing at my brother’s door.

I was a little too scared now to run to my bedroom and just stayed in the bathroom wondering if I should at least turn on the light in there. I would have turned on the hallway light, but the switches were both at the ends of the hallway and also the fact that I didn’t want to get in trouble.

Again I slowly crept my head around the corner to look again and this time I was sure someone or something was standing there. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even breathe or blink looking down the hallway at this thing and my vision was adjusting to the dark as well.

I could see the shadow of a tall person just standing at the doorway, not moving an inch but just standing there. Now my dad is a pretty tall guy, about 6’6 and this thing was clearly not my dad. Its head reached almost to the top of the doorway and it had long and slender arms that were way to long for any normal human.

It didn’t reach the floor of course, they just seemed unnaturally long. But what crept me out the most were its long fingers that went to about its knees. It only had three on each hand from what I saw but they looked like the shape of knives.  

Now granted I saw this only for a few seconds, but even to this day, I remember ever-single detail of this thing. So here I am basically scared out of my mind wanting to scream and cry but managed to hold myself together somehow.

My Dad was a pretty hardcore guy, Marines and then Army, you didn’t want to see him on his bad side, and he was scary too. I didn’t want to take my chances on waking my Dad up and for all I knew I could still be dreaming.

So I decided the only thing that I could do, run as fast as I could to my bedroom, which was in the middle of the hallway. I sprinted into my bedroom so fast and seeing that I was scared to death, I didn’t even bother looking to see if it was coming after me or not and slammed the door.

I turned my light on and jumped into my bed, staring at the door with tears just falling down my face. For almost thirty minutes I just cried and glued my eyes on the door hoping to not see the door handle move and for it to come get me.

Nothing happened for about another hour and I managed to calm myself down and keep telling myself that it was just my imagination. Of course I couldn’t just sleep though and just stayed up reading comics.

About 4 in the morning I start feeling sleepy finally and decided that nothing was going to happen. As soon as I got up to turn the light off, I hear something at the bottom of my door. Again I stopped dead in my tracks and just looked at the door. “Scratch….scraaaatch….scraatch.”

I had no cats or dogs at the time and slowly walked over to my desk and grabbed one of my snow globes just in case something came in. The scratching just kept coming from the bottom of my door and again I’m crying as silently as I could.

I just starred at the small crack at the bottom of the door praying to not see fingers coming from the other side. When it was about 5 I hear my Dad getting up to head to work and hear his door opening. I put my snow globe down and listen, but only hearing him walking back and forth in the hallway.

Finally he walked in and asked me why I was up so early and saw my eyes bright red from crying. I told him that I had a nightmare and he simply told me to go back to bed.  I never have told my dad what happened that night, just because he doesn’t believe in weird stuff like that.

But still to this day, it scares the crap out of me when I think about it. Now that I’m in my 20’s and tell my friends about it as a scary story, still gives me goose bumps. The reason I decided to write about it isn’t because I was a kid and making this up, not at all.

It’s because that wasn’t the last time I saw it…I was visiting my sister in Germany about a year ago and it was about 2 AM when I decided to go to bed. The lights in the hallway were kept on for my niece and nephew, 5 and 8 years old and also afraid of the dark.

I walked in my room and got into bed, turning off the lights. I can see the hallway light from the bottom of the door but it’s still pretty dark in the room. I roll around in bed trying to sleep but it’s just one of those nights were even though you’re tired you just can’t sleep.

I heard a little noise coming from one of the corners and I looked over. Hear I was thinking that the fan just ruffled some paper but instead I was looking at something that made me almost feint. Again I was looking at this tall shadowy figure….and this time it was in the room with me.

I seriously can’t even breathe and just stare at this thing. I don’t know why but the only thing I can never make out is its face, I see nothing, just darkness. The only thing I do is go under the covers and silently just lay there.

Terrified out of my mind, my boyfriend walks in and I just jump out of the covers and stare at the corner where it was….gone.

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