This whole ordeal happened when I was around ten years old to thirteen years old when I lived in a particular house. The house was quite old. It first belonged to my grandmother when she was younger and at the time, we were renting from her. Many of my grandmother's antique personal items still occupied the house that had belonged to much older relatives that had passed.
The importance of these objects was that objects of those who passed away could channel their energy and this "shadow man" I had seen could have possibly been an old relative. He could have even been one that had passed away in my lifetime since there were actually quite a few deaths of older male relatives whom I still miss quite a lot.
The first I was aware of this man, i was around ten years old. The memory is faint but I am positive of what I felt and saw at the time. I was in my room with a friend and we were chatting away when we heard a sort of distinct creaking sound. When we turned our heads, we noticed the shade on a lamp that was on my dresser had somehow flown off of the lamp to a nearby spot on the dresser. Being the young child I was I freaked out and we stayed in the living room the rest of the night.
I was about twelve years old I believe when I first actually saw the figure who had done plenty of subtle disturbances throughout the years since my first encounter with it. I had stayed home from school since I was pretty sick and was watching "Drake and Josh" on television to pass the time. I heard the front door open and then saw as well as felt a tall man out of the corner of my eye passing by the entryway to the TV room which I was in.
Automatically I called out "hey, Dad!", thinking he had returned from work early. There was no response. I paused the show and the house was dead silent. The feeling of the man's presences was gone too. I knew, I KNEW that I had seen something tall and shadow-like walk somewhat quickly past that entry-way. I got up to investigate and found that the house was indeed empty.
My whole body was shaking so I did what came to mind. I cuddled up in my blanket on the couch and turned the volume up to try and erase the so prominent fear that had filled me and waited for my parents to come home.
I had seen the shadow man a couple of times after that, each time thinking it was my father, and each time finding out it was not. Those memories are far less prominent in my mind but are still there. We moved from that house later the next year and since then I have not seen nor felt the shadow man. Have you’ve ever seen a shadow figure like this?


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