This was the day where we finally my family would become the middle class citizens and finally to get out of that raggedy old trailer park we lived in. I lived with my Mother, my step-father and my sister. I was about 8 years old at the time we were looking at houses and none of them really stood out to us, that's when we came to the last house.  

This house was a little bit older than the rest, it was made in 1933 and it was close to the school that I would be going to. From the house there was a school in front with a large vast field that led to a forest. The house had 4 bed rooms, 2 wash rooms with a deck and a separate garage.  

The realtor seemed a little off showing us this house, like she was on edge and trying to hide a secret. But we didn't pay attention to it. She showed us the separate garage that was hardly big enough to fit a small car. But it did have an attic with a ladder leading up to it. I don't know why but I just felt that I needed to see what was up there, like something was pulling me there and I was helpless.

Before I knew it I was half way up the ladder and my mom called me and I snapped out of this trance and went next to my mom’s side. We walked into the house and I couldn't shake off the feeling of being watched. We did the whole house tour and it was a wreck, things on the floor and the kitchen cupboards old and worn out and the floor was peeling up.

I think our trailer was worth more than this house would ever cost. To this day I don't understand why my parents decided to buy this dump but they did. 

A couple days passed and we were all settled in, I took the bedroom next to my parents and my sister took the room in the basement. The more I stayed in the house the more I felt like something was watching me. I would be so scared sometimes I'd sleep in my parent’s room. Eventually they got so sick of it they sent me to my bedroom and locked their door so I couldn't get in, I crawled into bed and laid there for about an hour 

I was about to fall asleep when I heard whispering behind me, even though my bed was up against the wall and there wasn't a room behind me. That's when I heard a whisper in my ear, clear as day saying "scared?” I was so freaked out I turned on the lights and didn't sleep for the next 2 days.

About a month later the feeling in house got heavier and even more negative with things getting moved around the house, the whispers got worse, and the footsteps were coming and going. I just came home from school and my friend came over for a bit to watch some T.V. and to play some video games. When he came over he asked me if I was alright because he felt that I was being very negative and I assured him it was just the house.

So we get down to play some video games and my friend suddenly turns around and when I look at him he's white as snow and all he does is points. When I look over me and him see my bedroom door opening and closing over and over again. 

We both ran out of the house screaming and after that day he wouldn't come to my house. A couple years pass and things are only getting worse, I'm starting to get vivid nightmares of people dying with a demonic laugh in the background getting louder within every night and things are starting to be thrown off shelves and counters. When this happened I was 14.

I was down in the basement watching the football game that I recorded the night before, I had my dog Maggie lying next to me and my dog mylow sitting across from me in a chair. At this time we were redoing the floor and there was a piece of ply wood laying against the wall about 15 feet away from me and my dogs. Even to this day it gives me goosebumps.

I see a dark mist float past in the corner of my eye. I thought if I didn't pay attention to it, it would go away. I heard my dog across from me yipe and when I looked I saw the piece of plywood crushing him, then I see the piece of ply wood pick it's self-up and it flew back 15 feet in the matter of 3 seconds and stood there shaking for about 3 minutes.

I'm 16 now and I'm now sleeping in the basement where every night I feel hands going up and down my legs and I see the black mist form into my room. I’m terrified and I don't know what to do. This is my story on the house on the corner.


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