When I was young about 6 years old. My family and I lived on N. Church Street, Decatur, Illinois. We have always had ghosts in our houses. But, this is one story that I have, I never shared with my family because I didn't think I would be believed.  

Our basement had a pair of white socks that would run by the washer and dryer and then vanish. But, more sinister maybe more friendly was upstairs. My grandma, Aunt and sister shared the upstairs. My brother and I would spend hours upstairs playing Super Nintendo with my grandma.

The door leading to the upstairs would always open and slam shut! After hearing the door slammed shut we would run to see why it slammed and as the stairs would creak no one would be there. Eventually, we greeted the unseen visitor as "Uncle Mike" who died in a fire.

We never felt in danger or uneasy around the spirit.  A few month's go by and the creaking in the stairs and slamming of the door became a normal thing. But, there was one day that I knew was like no other. My parents had bought me a chucky doll and I developed an imaginary friend.

I spent hours and hours with chucky and my imaginary friend who turned out to be oh so real. One morning I was outside very early playing with Chucky. We had a very big backyard, then I heard whispering coming from my doll.

As I looked at his face it was no longer the generic smile, but, a demonic face took over my doll. Terrified, I threw it into the trash and ran inside. For weeks I had nightmares of Chucky coming for me. But, once the nightmares stopped, I was coming back to thinking it was just a horrible mistake.

So I went upstairs to play Nintendo with grandma. My brother and sister were playing and wanted to play hide and seek. I got to hide thinking it was great, so quickly, I hid in the wrap around closet of the upstairs. This is when I realized my nightmare never ended.

As I tried to open the door to get out because mom and dad had just gotten home, the doors wouldn't budge. Screaming in horror to get out because, there was no light in the closet, I heard "him" coming. As he came running through the closet and I couldn't see anything.

The door finally released and I slammed it shut before I could see what horror was after me, I dashed down the stairs and outside. That's when I looked into the upstairs window from the street down below, to see that demonic face staring at me from above.  

 Not long after we moved. I was thankful to know we left it all behind…Or Did we? The hauntings still happen but, none as bad as Church Street.


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