These stories take place in Mexico, where all my family hails from. 

In Latin America, there is a legend of a spirit known as 'La Llorona' [the weeping woman in English] who, in life, is said to have drowned all of her children or lost them near a lake. There are countless alleged reports from people of having seen or heard her, and the testimonies vary as some say she cries "My children, where are my children?" while others describe an inaudible shriek. 

One late evening, when my mother was still a child of perhaps seven years of age, her and my aunt, were already in bed. After an undefined amount of time, they both caught the sound of a very distant cry in the silence outside. A few moments later the sound was there again, only slightly louder.

Then again, even slightly louder than the last. This made them both run to my grandparents' bedroom, who had also heard the sound. Bear in mind that my grandparents' bedroom is on the farthest end of the house (still standing to this day) which has a window that gives you a view of the road just a few feet away.

Now, all four of them sat in bed listening to this horrible shriek gradually come closer; it came the point that it was just outside that window! Then the sound gradually drew away in the opposite direction it started from before it subsided completely.

This was the only time my mom ever experienced anything paranormal; she believes this to have been 'La Llorona'. 

The next story is about my now deceased great-granddad on my mom's side of the family. He once woke up at night, got up from bed to do something (to use the restroom, I presume), so he carried his flame-lamp and off he went. Somewhere along the way, he is said to have seen a ghostly or translucent-white hand in the air, disembodied, and holding a candle as it moved around.

My great-grand mom is said to have seen a woman in a dress out in the night when she went to check on her chickens. When she called out to her, believing her to be a relative, the woman did not turn her away, but instead walked off into the fields and disappeared. 

Take this all with a grain of salt, despite that I'm trustworthy of family's honesty. I've never seen a ghost or anything paranormal if I did it would be life-changing.


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