My story has many events about the same little boy encounter that my family and myself had experienced at my parent’s house during the years. I’m going to tell you my experience.

About 3 years ago in 2012, between the months of September-November around that time I had spent the night at my sister’s house for a whole week since her husband was out of town and she needed help taking care my niece.

It was a Saturday and I had went home back to my parents’ house to change and get ready to go to work since I had to be there at 3. There were no lights in the neighborhood due to someone crashing into the light pole so I decided to use my video cam light on my phone instead of the flashlight because the lighting was much brighter.

Anyways, I go upstairs to my room and you can see me walking into the dark hallway into my room looking for my work clothes. You can hear and see me moving around trying to get a better look into my dresser.

So I opened the window blinds from my room to get more light since we didn’t have any power. I placed my phone facing down in my dresser and turned off the video cam.   Well after I get dressed I grabbed my phone and noticed I didn’t turn off the video cam and it was on the whole time.

I turned off the video cam. At 5:55pm my lunch was almost over with and I was looking at my pictures and videos and I decided to play the video I just had recorded in my room. When I was playing the video I didn’t see or hear anything and when I was about to delete the video I heard someone whispering.

I knew that wasn’t me because you can hear me in the background moving around. I was shocked and I decided to replay the video. I had my headphones on to make sure I was listening correctly and not mistaking it with nothing else.

It whispered something I don’t recall what it actually was saying but I do remember it was a child voice sounded like it was humming the word into a low whisper. It didn’t scare me but it did freak me out.  I called my sister and I told her what I had recorded and she was shocked and told my parents.

When I get home from work around 11pm my father, mother, grandmother, sister and older brother were outside waiting for me to show them what I had recorded. Each of them played the video near their ears to listen very carefully and to see if they can make out what it was saying. They were creeped out.

I decided not to sleep in my room once I got scared by thinking about it so much. I wished I still had the recording but unfortunately it didn’t save in my sim card.



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