I'll just share the first sighting of my brother’s before mine.  It was November 2, 2006. My brother, my best friends and I were in our home when my brother started to share his spooky ghost story that had happened last night.

My brother, my sister and I were in a room together. My sister on bed while my brother and I on the mattress on the floor. When the lights all went out and my sister and I fell asleep, he suddenly felt the urge to open his eyes.

He saw a white figure that keeps on walking back and forth in our middle. It walks really fast. He said that it stopped on my head and somewhat touch my hair.  I was 9 years old at that time and I am so scared about his story, but I'm also thinking that maybe he just wanted to scare me.

So the night of that day when he told us his story, I still slept in that room with my sister and my brother. The new thing was I was sleeping on the bed beside my sister. When my dad shut all the lights off, I also shut my eyes.

I cover myself in a blanket. I suddenly felt the urge to take off the blanket and open my eyes. I saw this kind of light at my feet. I didn't see that figure described by my brother. I was going to put my feet on the light to see if there's dirt on my feet or something. But I didn't.

Instead, I sat down on the bed, and looked intently on that light. I went in close to that light and got shocked to what it really is!

It is a pair of feet hanging just above me! When I finally notice it, it suddenly walked really fast and I cried out loud. It is a lady. A white lady!

My brother's finally awakens and then he turned on the light and that lady was gone. I never see her anymore and I am so thankful for that. (I know it wasn't really that scary, but it really freaked me out).

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