My story is based on the things that I have experienced and these experiences that have followed me.    When I was young, about 12/13 years of age, I was ill with a bad flu which turned into bronchitis. When I was in bed, my mum told my dad to look in on me.

I heard the three steps that leads to the bedrooms shift under foot weight and I turned round to look. Who I seen wasn't my step dad but my brother who had died as a baby years before. He was smiling at me and told me that I would be ok.

Then a few hours later my fever had broken and I got better. I never told my mum about it as my baby brother died at two months old in our old house in Knocknagoney gardens. Which was a big reason on why we moved home.

This progressively changed and when I was 18, my grandfather died. Now I know it was a terrible time but that whole day both myself and my mother felt dread that something terrible was going to happen. Low and behold, it did and that evening, my grandfather died of a massive heart attack whilst playing darts in the club.

He turned round and told my dad that he was away and before he hit the ground he was gone.  When my step dad or dad as I call him came home I was up in bed. But couldn't sleep. When he called up and told me to get ready, he took my mum up to the club.

Whilst I got ready I went downstairs I didn't look into the mirror but I said out loud “was grandpa dead.” A deep man’s voice spoke into my right ear and said that he was gone. I knew it was my great grandpa that told me.

Don't ask me how I knew I just heard his voice and instantly knew it was him.  After the week and after his funeral, I was lying in bed when I felt something not right…a fear crept in and standing at the foot of my bed was a black mass in a dark cloak but it had glowing red eyes.

I covered myself up and got an over wrought sense to get it to go away. I said in a stern voice for it to get out of my room, and get out of my house, you're not welcome here. Leave. I then in my head called for Michael to protect me.

 It must have worked as my fear went and I felt warm and I fell asleep.

I would go on to see pets which had passed if I was cleaning the mirrors they would walk behind me or walk from one door in the hall up the hallway. Though when I'd go and look there'd be no cat. I knew it was one of our pets who'd passed away.

But it didn't make me not want to look for it though. Darn my impulsive curious streak. I've seen passed relatives on more than one occasion. The first time that I moved out of the family home in Belfast out to Comber then onto Killinchy I seen my partners passed father.

He was sitting on the sofa in his corduroy trousers and a jumper smiling. In my mind he told me to tell my partner that he's OK and that he loves him. To look after himself. I told my partner and he cried because of what I told him, and I explained the way he was dressed etc. to prove I’d seen someone.

Whilst being out here in Killinchy we've been pestered by a black shadow person. Not only a person but a shape shifting person into a cat or a dog. The electrical items in our house turn themselves on even when they're off at the wall.

The wardrobe which was my grandmothers who had died of cancer moves about at night. It would creak and then the hangers would move about in the wardrobe. I've yet to put any clothes inside it. I don't have the heart to use it fully as it was my grandma's.

We've both had the feeling of being watched in the kitchen and would hear our names being called by the other person only to find that we never called the other. I am sensitive and when this thing is about it's cold and a fear or negative feeling comes about myself or my partner. I've noticed since moving out here in the four years that our health has gotten worse, unexplained anger or depression has come upon us.

It's hard to keep happy when you're feeling someone else's sadness. This needs to stop so I came onto ghostsstory to see what I need to get cleansed. Not just the home but us as-well. I'm going to currently look into and perform a cleanse as this is the only way to get rid of this soul sucking leech of an entity and Michael has never steered me wrong. So I'm putting all my faith into him to help me keep my sanity whilst I fight this negative entity.



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