So, bit of a backstory. My mom and I were in Marietta Ohio. First permanent settlement in the Middle East. So she and I got a flyer about this place called the anchorage house, a real haunted place. (Google it).

We researched and it was legit, not a fake scary mansion. So we went to the tour, seemed creepy. Something was off about it. Then there was this little girl who would not stop talking during the tour, eventually, the tourist told her to stop, and she did.

First, we separated from the group and turned off the lights in a small room, it was pitch black. We sat there and asked if there was anybody there with us. We waited about 5 minutes, then the lights turned on. We immediately got out of that room and went to the tour leader and told him what happened. He said, "yeah people have been reporting that around this time."

Then we made it up another floor with the group. There was a small room that the tour leader explained that everyone felt uneasy when they went in there like someone was pushing them out. The little girl from before was at the doorway peeking inside, crouched when she just turned around, emotionless and looked at everyone. Then stood up.

Her face turned white as a sheet and she just walked down to the lower level and starred out the front entrance like she wanted to leave but couldn't for some reason. Some adults went down there with her but my mom and I stayed up and continued with the tour.

About 5 minutes later a guy came up from where the little girl was and said "you have to see this girl" so about everyone went down there.

She was in a chair, super white and freezing cold. She wouldn't respond or even show any signs of hearing what people were saying. Apparently, someone called 911 because 2 cops showed up and were trying to talk to the girl’s parents and the girl herself.

We sat there for 2 hours, then all the sudden she gained full color back and looked at her parents and said, "why are we down here, I thought we were upstairs?"

When the police started questioning the girl about what she remembered, she said when she was looking in that room a "little person that walked like a dog" ran toward her and jumped into her but she remembers nothing after that.

That's when this cloud of coldness circled the room. The police just looking afraid, said they couldn't do anything. Like that they left and the tour ended early.

Story Credit: Tyler | Ohio.


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