Try Not to Scream, It's Watching!

Try Not to Scream, It's Watching!

Weird things have happened to me all the time. I was so afraid to be in the dark I left the lights on at all times...when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I lived alone. This particular night, I went to bed feeling anxious and being watched.

I heard strange noises in the kitchen...but was too scared to see what it was, so I waited...I finally went to sleep only to be woken by the pressure of someone squeezing my throat.

I could feel a thumb on one side of my neck and fingers on other, but no one was there...I squirm around and try to scream but nothing came out! I start to pray (Psalms 24 I think) and it relieved pressure on my throat but I still felt pinned to bed.

I struggled and I looked at end of my bed, there was this thing sitting there...knees crossed he had a curved and crocked back I could see the bones of his spine. He turned his head to the side and just looked at me.

I prayed like there was no tomorrow. This thing had horns. I didn't move until it was gone! In the morning, I packed up my room and the living room became my new bedroom! I never went back in that room.

I moved from that home shorty after.

Story credit: Jessica K | Nebraska.

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