Hello everyone, my partner and I rent an apartment that was once a Tudor mansion that is full of character and beautiful scenery and architecture. 

Since moving here, we have witnessed a few interesting and possibly paranormal things occurring. I am a skeptic that leans slightly more towards believing and my partner is a believer. I'll let you decide with these situations! 

The first situation I encountered was more of a head scratcher. I work shifts and sometimes come home past 11 PM. One evening I came in and decided to watch some TV before going to bed. I got up and switched the TV off and then proceeded to turn the lounge light off which shrouded me in darkness.

I then went to bed and started to relax. In the back of my mind, I was sure I could still hear the TV but decided that it must have been my imagination. I drifted off to sleep and suddenly woke up startled by my girlfriend saying a car alarm had been going off for about 10 minutes.

I walked to the window and looked out and could see one of the cars in the parking area was to blame, this is odd as there was absolutely nothing that could have caused it from what I could see and it is a quiet area!

I decided to get up and go out to see if I could see what was going on and was surprised to see the TV was on in the lounge when I definitely had turned it off... 

To compound things further, I turned it off and walked downstairs to check on the car and, literally, the moment I put my foot on the tarmac the alarm stopped, mid sound cycle as if someone had used their key to stop it!

I walked out to look and to my surprise the alarm had stopped, but the lights were still flashing. Very odd, is it paranormal? Was something trying to get my attention? I'll let you decide!

The TV was switched off when I went to bed, and my girlfriend never gets up once she's in bed so it couldn't have been her.  Now, the really interesting and perplexing occurrences!

My second strange experience was one evening when my girlfriend was out at her mothers, and I was home alone. I had come in from a decent but slightly dull day at work and remember thinking to myself "Jeez, I need some spiritual enlightenment because right now I feel like all I'm doing is working and coming home!”

We all have moments like these where you feel a bit put out and find it hard to imagine anything other than going to work and coming home until death! Anyway, I went to bed that evening and had an amazing dream where I was walking through a huge mansion; it was all lit up with sunlight coming through the windows and beautiful scenery outside.

As I walked through I could see the surroundings and outside areas changing before my eyes and each room seemed to be vastly different until, finally, I reached a room with two people inside of it... I seemed to recognize them both but couldn't place them... One of them was a young woman and the other was a young man who was sitting down. I remember the woman inviting me to come in, and I felt confused, she laughed and said "Go and make him a cup of tea!" to the man who dutifully got up and rushed off to do so.

I faced the woman who looked at me smiling and said "You know, you don't need to be strong around me..." and gave me a huge hug. I hugged her back and began crying my eyes out, I just couldn't stop (on a side note, I'm currently at work with tears in my eyes when I recall it! Kind of embarrassing!).

Suddenly, I woke up and had tears streaming down my face, just as my girlfriend had returned home in the morning! She came over and asked me what the matter was. Through the tears, I told her about my dream and she smiled "That was your nan and granddad coming to pay you a visit," I laughed and said "Maybe." I told her about my spiritual crisis; she is convinced they had come to let me know that there is more to life than working and coming home and that they are still with me.

I think it's a lovely thing to think, and I am tempted to agree with her, the woman in my dream did feel like my Nan or someone in my family.

I can't place the man as, unfortunately, I never met my granddad before he passed away (I wasn't born) but something "feels" like this was more than just a coincidental dream.

My final story is perhaps the only slightly "sinister" one that has occurred to date.  My girlfriend was at home alone and I was out at a friend’s house, funnily enough, watching Paranormal Activity (You can't make it up!).

Early in the day I had been down my parents’ house and collected a load of old hangers since we were running low ourselves. I had placed the bag in the spare room and left it there until I could be bothered to sort through them. As I was sitting with my friend, I got a call from my girlfriend in a panic saying she had heard a massive crash and all of the hangers were strewn across the living room floor!

I decided to come home and check on her as she was quite shocked. When I got in, the hangers were indeed all over the living room floor, and the bag looked as if it had been picked up and the contents tossed violently.

By now she had cleared most of them up but assured me of the following points: 1 - She had placed the bag in the spare room and remembered doing it specifically as she had placed it on the cats climbing frame. 2 - She was sitting in the bedroom with the cat on her lap when she heard the bag physically move as if it was falling from the frame (entirely possible) 3 - She suddenly heard a loud crash as the hangers got launched from the bag and even the cat looked startled in her lap! 4 - When she ran out, the bag had transferred from the spare room to the living room and the hangers were all over the floor including some personal items knocked to the ground.

I questioned her about how this could have happened, and she was clearly shocked and unsure. The bag had to have physically moved from the spare room to the front room for this to happen and the cat couldn't have done it as it was in her lap! This leaves two scenarios, she is lying and did it herself or something else is at play.

The most interesting thing? As my girlfriend was going through the hangers on her own early in the evening, she admitted to finding an old, thin, wooden hanger that she verbally tutted at and then tossed aside saying "Who would use that useless thing?" That's interesting because the hangers could belong to either my Nan or granddad or maybe even someone else further back than them.

Perhaps by saying this, she annoyed someone who tossed the hangers everywhere in protest? I find it hard to believe my Nan would be precious over a hanger, but maybe my granddad might have been a bit annoyed at someone tossing his hanger away as useless? Maybe it wasn't anything to do with them and was just a spirit who took issue with old items being mistreated? Either way, it's certainly interesting! I wanted to call out to anything with us, but my girlfriend insisted I didn't.  

Since these issues, I haven't had anything else occur, but watch this space!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it!

STORY CREDIT: Matty S. | Camberley.


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