Voice Says Hello

One day I was in my house and I hear a close voice say "Hello". I was sort of freaked out trying to decide whether I heard it in my head or it was real.

Then that night I was thinking about it before bed and heard "Hello?".

Suddenly again but after that I could not sleep for about an hour then I had fallen asleep and had a dream about a spirit and its apparition as a white glowing orb. As soon as I wake up I walk to my closet to get dressed and then I heard "Hello" again I turned around and found the same orb I saw in my dream.

I thought I was very weird but the apparition was not a dust particle or bug because it then got brighter then dimmed and flew into my bed and left. I have not yet had anymore experiences with any apparitions or spirits until November, 5, 2014.

I hear it again I ignore it then that night go to sleep and yet another dream. This time it said Hello again and then I forcefully said Go away and I have never seen or heard anything like it again.

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