Voodoo Hexed

Voodoo Hexed

I recently discovered why I always felt tired, exhausted and fatigued for no reason and couldn’t focus in meetings at work. Started noticing bad smells linger around for no reason, and having a feeling of being watched.

Then later, I started hearing voices in my head (Do I got news for you, it's are being watched). I wouldn't believe it myself, but it happened to me. It's true! with God as my witness.

The story: The Vosloo neighbors are using voodoo on me. I started hearing voices in my head and I started to think I was getting sick or having a nervous break down you know?

I told my wife and friends but they all just said, that I need a break.  "You're over worked and s*it like that". I keep telling them it's those people that are doing this and they insisted that I should go to a doctor for a check-up.

I went to the hospital (private doctors) in and out of hospitals, they keep saying there is nothing wrong with you, did all kinds of test and everything. The voices in my head keep threatening me, tormenting me and would say things like,

"I want to destroy your life and want 10,000 rand. I am going to curse your family with Doekoem" (voodoo).

And "I want to control you". They would say things like "we are beating this doll that is you" and you will feel the hits (impacts) on your body. They would laugh and laugh.

Every night they would wake me up and start shouting and screaming in my head. Then they would make sounds like they are under my bed, stabbing me.

Story credit: Suleiman S | Capetown, S. Africa.

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