Was It Paranormal Or Not? I Don't Really Know...

Well now that I am watching more and more ghost shows such as A Haunting and Paranormal Witness I've draw many different conclusions on reasons things might have happened. I have spent much time with my grandfather and I remember two instances of what might have been paranormal activity.

One day when I was around 8 or so I remember coming back from shopping with my Grandfather, He had a pet fish and a dog. As I went into the living room I noticed that the fish was out of the tank dead but all the way across the room! So we went and checked the tank and the floor around the tank.

No water spilled the tank was still up and the most shocking of all was the lid to the tank was shut and locked! The dog was well trained and we knew she did not do it and to this day have no idea how it got there without the tank spilling over, water on the floor, or the lid being open.

Years later while I was watching TV with my grandfather in his bedroom we both heard a crash coming from the inside porch which was in back of the bedroom but in a separate room. It sounded like glass shattering.

We both went to see what it was. We looked for about 10 minutes and found nothing out of place or broken. This happened at night where the other incident happened in the afternoon. And also to this day have no idea what that was.

He unfortunately died in 2009 from liver cancer but the strange part about that is he went to the hospital with congestive heart failure and the doctor he went to always said he had a sluggish liver but was fine.

Now the medicine he took probably could have caused this but back when I was 3, my grandmother died from a lung issue. And it seems strange that would come on so fast. I'm not saying it was paranormal but with the 2 incidents that happened in the house it seems possible that it might have also lead to the decline in health with my grandfather.

Story Credit: Shane Dykeman. New Jersey.


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