Weird Experiences with ZOZO

I believe that most of you know about the phenomenon "ZOZO". Over the course of the past 2 years I've played the Ouija board many times. The 1st time I even heard about Ouija boards I was told all about ZoZo.

I didn't really believe anyone when they tried telling me it was a possessive demon and all that.The Past few times I have played the Ouija board I was told I was speaking to ZoZo. Of course I didn't believe it at first.

But, it started proving things that others would not know.It also tries to flatter people by lying to them if you don't ask the same question a few times. Last night, I was playing the board and it made a threat to my friend. It started saying very rude things and saying that she was going to die. My friend and I were terrified at that point.

Anonymous Submission.

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