Weird Phone Call

I woke up on my own without having a nightmare and for the first time in weeks my room felt so calm and comfortable I didn't want to leave it immediately after waking up. I would have loved to stay in bed and relish in the feeling but unfortunately I had to pee. As I was washing my hands the house phone rang. I was the only one home so I knew it was up to me to answer. I always check the caller ID before I answer because we get a ton of telemarketers calling our house. The phone number was 92162 which is a little weird simply because that's only five numbers but the fact that 9216 is the last four digits of my cellphone number is even weirder. 

I threw caution to the wind and answered anyway thinking maybe it was just a coincidence or the phones being screwy. When I answered all that was on the phone was static it was a normal volume at first but after every time I said hello it would get louder and louder. When I was listening to the static I felt really nervous and uncomfortable like a little kid breaking the rules, like I was doing something I shouldn't be doing.

I hung up and went to find my cellphone hoping it was some sort of technical error (my friend had a phone that freaked out and kept redialing the last number she called over and over) but my phone was still in my room sitting right where I left it, the key lock was still on and the last call was incoming and from a week ago. 

Is this maybe a thing that happens that I've never heard of? I still feel uncomfortable when I think of the static. Maybe I'm just looking to far into it creeping myself out.

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