What Pushed me on the Stairs?

I just moved into a new house and was there with my 7 year old son. We were just settling in and finished the living room decorations. The first thing that happened was the light in the living room would turn on or off.

Then I had an alarm fitted and that went off in the middle of the night...I asked the alarm fitters to check it and they said there was nothing wrong it.

The TVs and music would turn on randomly. One day, I was pushed while on the stairs and one night I felt like something wouldn't let me go to sleep...nagging at me to go and check on my son.

I did to find him choking in his was like there was something good and something bad in the house.

On another time, I was in bed an I felt like a small child was underneath pushing the mattress. When I woke in the morning, my bed was pulled away from the wall.

I thought there might have been an earthquake so I asked my neighbour...I said has their been a earthquake as I know that in England we can get them sometimes.

He said: "No, why, did your bed move and feel like something got in bed with you"? I was shocked because I never mentioned anything to him.

He said that it's a spirit and it bothers him a lot but his dogs usually make it go away. I went on holiday an when I came back the boiler had fallen through the ceiling.

If my son was in bed at the time, he would of died. I moved to another property.  

To this day, whomever moves in that house doesn't stay long...and it's empty now.

Story Credit: Janine. Manchester, England.


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