When I Was Younger

When I was younger, I use to see shadows in my room. I've always been curious to what was happening. I use to see a little girl in the corner of my room, and she would have her hair cover her face. Every night it happened, until I got to a certain age.

She would always put her face down in her knees, like holding and hiding herself but I could see her just in black form. Also on my brothers bed was an older man in black form as well just sitting there looking at the wall, nothing else.

Surprisingly it didn't scare me seeing them except for one thing. When I closed my eyes, I could hear people mainly a girl, whispering my name a lot of times. It scared me so I put my blanket over my face and I could still hear it for a moment then it would go away.

I heard previous times of guest coming to our house seeing some little girl. My friend and I were home alone and she thought I was messing with her because she saw someone hiding behind the couch and saw hair. she thought it was me, but obviously wasn't.

I also had one experience at her house the day she moved in, and once after but those were the only times. My grandparents house has ghosts as well but they know its family because they ask them to stop and they do so, and they're just use to it.

But the people at my house I have no clue who they could be. Not family,thats for sure. I don't see them anymore, but I've always been curious to as what they were doing. Were they trying to scare me or simply talk to me somehow? Please reply, I'm curious. Thank You.

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