When I was in high school I used to cut class all the time. This day was no different, so I decided I just wanted to stay home and sleep. Unfortunately I couldn't do that at home because my mom was there.

I decided to visit my sister at work and ask her for her apartment key so I can get to my sleeping.  My sister lived in a 3 story house. You had to go up one flight to get to her apartment. I got there went to bed and went to sleep.

Awhile into falling asleep, I heard the downstairs door open. I figured it was the upstairs neighbor. I heard the steps coming up the first flight, I was expecting to hear the steps going up, but I didn't. Instead I heard the turning of the key to unlock the front door.

I froze, I had a sudden feeling of dread befall me. I knew it wasn't my sister, it was too early. Besides I had the key. I hear the door knob turn and footsteps coming towards the door to the room I was sleeping in, I froze in fear, then suddenly I heard my mother’s voice.

It was calling me saying, "Daughter, wake up, I'm here to take you home. Let's go home." All in Spanish, because that's what she spoke. I thought to myself, there's no way my mom knows I'm here, my sister wouldn't rat me out.

I freaked and as I heard the door knob turn to my room turn, I yelled out, "you're not my mother! You're not her, go away! Leave me alone, you're not my mother!" As soon as I shouted that, I heard fast footsteps back tracking, the door slamming shut, then steps down the stairs, and the slam of the front door.  

I was finally able to open my eyes and look, all the doors where still locked. I was so freaked out, I couldn't sleep, took the train back to my sister’s work and stayed with her until I had to go home.  I didn't tell my mom about it until years later, and I still wonder to this day, what would've happened if I had gone with her?


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