Zozo Contacted Us

I was at sleepover with my friends and we decided to watch the Ouija Movie. It was very scary and good at the same time. So after we finished the movie, we wanted to play the game so we did. My friends older sister had Ouija Board so we used it that night.

Nothing very scary happened, but something was movie the Planchette. It was a spirit...well that's what we thought. We woke up in the morning and decided to play it again.

The spirit spelled out "Zozo". My friend looked up Zozo and saw all the facts about it then asked if that was the spirit we were talking to last night and it moved the Planchette to yes.  I asked it if it was going to hurt us and it said yes. I said should I get a cross necklace and Zozo said yes so me and my friends said goodbye and stopped playing.

Anonymous submission.


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