It's not really "ghost" related, but it is paranormal/spiritually related. 

Lately, I've been haunted with 11:11. I look at the clock at work on my pc just checking the time it is 11:11. Today I woke up at 11:11. I've researched this before but not at length. I intend to more today. It wants me to know something, this is generally what happens to me in life is I get "signs" or weird happening. A while back during a troubling time, tarot mentioned paying attention to my dreams so I began asking for communication in my dreams and I dreamt of a room where I was lighting candles (red and white) and I sensed I was within a castle, and then I looked at the clock and it identified 4:44am.

I later researched 4:44 and it the number of the divine. It represents the 4 corners, 4 elements, and 4 seasons of the earth, collectively, it is the 8. This is my destiny number in numerology, and my true node in Astrology. In the dream, the time told me I needed to go to sleep. That isn't all that was in the dream, but the rest is very personal. After that time, I became exhausted and I got very sick, not able to get out of bed. Now I am being haunted by 11:11. So I am doing some research on these numbers. 

From a literal standpoint, I could assume its direct meaning is "wake up" its 11:11. So I'm supposed to "wake up" pay attention, and notice these numbers. Thus what I'm doing now. Another thing now too is, my father was very involved in cosmology. He loved watching Carl Sagan. I've always studied anything I could decipher about the universe and the studies of those that dedicated their lives to unlocking mathematical paths to derive theory from it.

Black holes were especially interesting to me, and it continued from there. In researching and learning more about string theory, and M-Theory, I'm led to think maybe it has something to do with the 11th dimension. I feel like Indiana Jones on a mission to uncover the truth! lol. Seriously though, I will be researching more and more. 

Here's what I'm gathering:


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